Amish Tragedy

  1. I am in London, and have been reading about the terrible tragedy that happened. I don't know why, but I keep thinking about what happened, and I feel so sad for all the families. Apart of me believes that the widower will move in to the Amish community, and will be given so much support and comfort. I don't know much about the Amish, but they seem to be very peace loving and forgiving. Is anyone else thinking about this too?:confused1:
  2. I don't think the wife is Amish, so I doubt if she will. The whole situation is so heartbreakingly sad, and disturbing that one person could be so vicious.
  3. So sad, and reading in the newspaper how brave the victims were when faced with their ordeal was heartbreaking. Since having children, whenever I hear about ANYTHING to do with children, I feel so sad, especially when schools should be a place where parents should NOT have to worry about safety. We live in a frightening and dangerous world.
  4. When I first heard about this I was really sad. I mean they were just little girls, who were so innocent! They did not deserve this! I pray for the Amish and yes, they are peaceful people.
  5. yeah, the amish community has been forgiving in this case.. at least, that's what has been reported on the news.. but definitely a very tragic story
  6. I can't begin to imagine how their poor parents are. I am also praying for them too.
  7. im sorry to sound rude.. cna someone give me alowdown on what has happened>
  8. The Amish live about 25 miles from me. Basically this sicko truck driver who collected milk from their farms, planned to attack this Amish school. The guy apparently knew the Amish community for some time, he left suicide notes for his family and told them he was a pedophile and had been dreaming of doing this. He also told them he molested two kids in his own family, but the police are not sure if they can confirm this because the children he molested are grown now and could have been too young to remember.
    I'll continue if someone else hasn't answered the rest of this question.
  9. The Amish community lost a number of young girls to a man that used to deliver milk to their community. He entered the school, and told the boys and some other people to leave, and he killed a number of little girls. He confessed to his wife on the telephone a few moments before the killings that he had abused two relatives of a young age many years ealier, and was having dreams of committing the acts again.
  10. This guy, apparently went into the one room school house and told all the adults and male children to leave. The 10 Amish girls were held hostage. He shackled the girls up and was planning to molest them (we believe, due to the fact he brought ky jelly with him), however, one of the adults that was set free, called the police. I think when he realized that the police had surrounded him, he shot all 10 girls, 5 of them died thus far, and the remaining 5 are in hospitals in Pennsylvania and Delaware. After he shot the hostages he killed himself.
    Everyone in his family appears surprised, because even his wife and children thought he was normal. The Amish community has been very forgiving and has held funerals as privately as possible. I believe the state police helped them. There have been memorial services as well at some Mennonite churches.
    This is the most recent report I have heard, I apologize for it being so graphic, it is what it is.
  11. So awful, being Jewish, our religion believes that everything happens for a reason, but I can't understand why this happened.
  12. My heart and prayers go out to the families of the victims
  13. The horribly disturbing part to me as a native Pennsylvanian, is that the Amish lead such simple, private lives. Anyone who has been to the Lancaster area and has driven off the tourist trap on Route 30 can see them farming and at family gatherings. My husband and I would drive out there just to unwind and relax. The people are so nice, they wave hello to you, even if they don't know you.
    They handmake a lot of quilts, pillows, etc and make really good jams and jellies. My grandmother spoke German and had an Amish friend when I was little. One of them used to deliver fresh eggs to our neighborhood.
    To see someone attack such innocent people is really disturbing.
  14. This is the second time in two weeks that girls in US schools have been targeted by creeps. I hope and pray someone doesn't do another copycat crime on innocent kids.
  15. The Amish people do not hate. They have accepted the widow of the gunman and her children to stay in the community and are offering her family support. It is so sad to think that this type of tragedy could happen in the tranquil farmlands of PA., this would be one place you would feel safe.
    My prayers go out to all the people hurt by this.