Amish Fireplace Blowout Sale $259

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  1. I started not to post this offer, but then I figured...why not?? It's a deal, and I've posted offers for just about everything else under the sun!! LOL!

    Scratch & Dent Amish Fireplace Blowout Sale

    The Amish who build the mantles for us here at Heat Surge take great pride in their work and not all mantles pass their inspection. Personally we think they are way too hard on their work, but that's how we got these units set aside for you. We have brand new Heat Surge Fireless Flame fireplaces with minor imperfections in the mantle that are barely noticeable. Since these specific units don't pass the Amish inspection we must sell these at more than half their retail price.

    This offer ends 01/31/2009 or while supplies last.
  2. I was pretty intrigued by these commercials. There are a ton of reviews out there. It seems to go back and forth. I think, realistically, these are very nice looking space heaters. You can get the same results by turning the heat in your entire house down and just heating the rooms you are using with any old space heaters (my parents do this with ugly space heaters and get good results). But there is a lot to be said for design, as we TPFers know :smile:

    If only they'd make a nice looking portable AC unit. In my apartment it's the AC reaching all rooms that is the problem, not the heat!

  3. I seriously thought about one of these for my sunroom! Even though the weather in NC is relatively mild during the winter season, the cold temperatures still have a negative effect on all my trees and plants. The large windows make it difficult to keep that room consistently warm, and my poor ficus is hating me right about now!!As for the design...this one is a certainly more attractive than some space heaters I've seen...and safer..or at least I would imagine.
  4. FYI im on an amish ban! i just found out that my yorkie pup came from an Amish puppy mom and i both got dogs from the same litter that seemed like a nice little Amish farm - come to find out her vet informed her of the atrocities that the Amish commit when it comes to animals and that Lancaster PA (amish country) is considered to have the biggest puppy mills in the country and that no doubt any dog bought on an amish farm is a PUPPY MILL - for those that arent familiar with their methods i will speak of just one...its called "debarking" which means they jam a metal rod down their throat to their vocal cords- it broke my heart when i found out where my little yorkie came from but these amish are not what they present themselves to be sorry for the soap box but i felt compelled
  5. I'm intrigued by these too. It seems like a gimmick to me. They are telling us that a rather ordinary space heater is very special because they put it in a pretty Amish-made cabinet.

    Now for the puppy mill issue. While it is certainly true that there are puppy mills in Amish country, why would you have a ban on all things Amish? It's not fair to hold a whole religion/culture responsible for the actions of a few. It would be like if you discovered that the used-car salesman that sold you a clunker was a Catholic and you decided you would never have dealings with another Catholic.
  6. I'm with you Abacohope. Not supporting the Amish any longer!

    Bag-mania - Google Amish puppy mills and you'll see what we're talking about. Also, a car isn't the same as a living creature.
  7. hey bag - its funny you mention the car salesman thing - im married to a sales manager in a chrysler dealership and my father is one at a mercedes dealer and they are all the same - religion has nothing to do with it - car salesman are just a certain breed (pardon the pun) - its a dirty business and it takes a certain type of person to sell cars. I respect your opinion on the amish but my feeling is that this is a WIDESPREAD problem among the amish. The motivation is CASH. The amish are a closenit community and its a MAJORITY of them that are in this type of business. farms are in cahoots with each other and theres even a scheme in recommending puppy buyers to other farms. the amish are known for being crooked on other fronts as well but IMO this is far worse. I just wanted to put the info out there so people could decide for themselves or research it or not give a @($* at all but i enjoy the debate anyway:yes:
  8. thanks syb - thats exactly what i did when i found out about my yorkie and could not believe what i found - unbelievable! by the way i loooooove walter the farting dog!!!!!
  9. ^^ Walter does seem to be quite popular around here! :P

    Regarding the Amish, I was particularly upset when I learned about their puppy mill operations because I'd already attended a few Amish sales events at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds and had purchased a couple of quilted wall hangings that I adore. I still have them on display but if someone comments on them, I use that as an opportunity to inform them about the Amish and puppy mills.
  10. Haha this is like my favorite commercial! I'm always intrigued by this mysterious Amish space heater that looks like a mini fireplace complete with fake wood "blazing" out warmth...til I see that the Amish people in the commercial are wearing jeans! Besides, why would the Amish promoting it if they don't use it themselves?