Amicable Reese & Ryan?

  1. Hopefully they're just trying to be friends. . . she's too good for him IMO.

    from TMZ:

    [​IMG]Nearly a year after blonde power pair Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe split up, the pair may coupling up again. Last week, Reese and Ryan were spotted having lunch at L.A. eatery A Votre Sante, one of Reese's favorite spots. And, a source tells Page Six, the pair have been taking morning runs together down at the posh Brentwood Country Club.

    Says a friend of Witherspoon's, "Reese and Ryan are trying to work it out. They are still close."

    A rep for Philippe denies a reconciliation.
  2. i think they are a cute couple!
  3. Here's what Perez says about that:

    Don’t believe the rumors that Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe are getting back together.
    “Not so,” a source in the know tells
    Gyllen-poon are still fanning the flames of desire!
    “Reese and Jake [Gyllenhaal] were at a screening of the Bourne Ultimatum at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles on Saturday night,” sources tell us.
    And…they even discretely shared some kisses in the darkened theater!
  4. I dont see her getting back with Ryan, but if they are trying to keep things good between them for their kids thats great!
  5. ^ITA:yes:
  6. I really hope they can work it out and get back together.
  7. i hope so.:yes:
  8. It's better than them fighting. Good for both of them for being adult.
  9. I think it's great and very un-Hollywood (a good thing!) of them to be friends. This is OT but Jake looks really good in that picture lmao!!
  10. I wouldn't trust Ryan anymore so that'd be that.
    Time to move on. They can remain friends for the kids' sakes....but just my opinion....
  11. noon - that's what I hope too!
  12. ahh whatever the case, they certainly seem to be behaving maturely and amicably so thats a win win all around in my book. :biggrin:
  13. I really like Reese Witherspoon :smile: She seems like a very nice person :smile: Wish her all the best on whatever her decision is :heart:
  14. Hopefully it's just for the sake of the kids. I agree that she's too good for him. He's adorable, but not the type of man she needs. Team Gyllenhaal!