Amfar in damier canvas

  1. [​IMG]What a cool item! Does any body know the price of this, is this still available?
  2. wow what is that for? well I am sure it is SO
  3. I think it is SO. I remember on an episode of MTV's Cribs and Kimora Lee Simmons had one. But it is absolutely gorgeous, but it must cost a fortune!
  4. What's the purpose of it? :confused1:
  5. Woah.. interesting. Any relation to the Amfar designed by Sharon Stone ?
  6. Dam!
  7. Yeah, It is designed by sharon stone but I remember hers being a monogram canvas. This is new. I believe this case is used to hold all those expensive jewels and watchs that someone who can buy this case probably has.
  8. What a beauty!