Amex Wishlist - Hayden Harnett purses

  1. Hey HH Hos

    Amex have a couple of HH purses at 50% off on their wishlist

    There is the bowery clutch in silver or ruby at $103 and another called the sloane at $280 (I have never seen this one before - but it looks really cool - a total GUNG purse with heaps of pockets and everything).

    Not quite sure how the wishlist works - but there are other pf threads from earlier sales (search 'amex wishlist') which probably explain it..

    Happy HH Hunting
  2. ^^^ oooh - I just played with it - and clicking the link takes you to the HH site - and then you can checkout any way you like (google /visa etc)...

    All of the colors of the Bowery clutch are on sale - and a few other things at 25% off (Vargas :drool::drool:)
  3. where can i find the clutch? i cannot find it thru the website? thx
  4. Darn it! I always forget that I can't get to the Amex wishlist from my computer at work (must be in ActiveX or Flash or something else my PC has a problem with.) I'll have to wait till I get home to take a look.:tdown:
  5. I wish that the sloane wasn't so long! At 20", it's way too big for me which stinks b/c I've been hunting for a nice leather crossbody bag.:sad:
  6. Thanks for the link! I bought a bowery clutch in vintage gold. I was eyeing the silver anaconda but I already have the cuff in that color so it was a no. I'm not big on matchy-matchy stuff! Oh and if you'll be paying PP make sure to get out of the amex wishlist site and go the actual HH site (the discount and everything will carry through) because it didn't work for me on my first try due to security reasons perhaps!
  7. Just a quick question what is Amex wishlist?? I see other things that are pretty neat selling for cheap? Are we allowed to just buy thyese off of the wishlist website? I'm a little confused. :confused1:
  8. Yes, but only if you use an amex card.
  9. Sigh, I've had my eye on the Bowery clutch for awhile. But should I wait for the sample sale, or do the AMEX thing? What to do....
  10. Treesrgreen! i've missed you! Where have you been!?
  11. You have to have an AmEx card and your account has to be in "good standing" to get approved to participate in the promotion. I'm totally eyeing that BMW K1200 R motorcycle and that Panasonic 42"! :yahoo: I might get lucky?!
  12. ^^
    That is what I assumed - but I found that I was able to complete the checkout in the usual way at HH.
    I think that Amex has 2 tiers of promotions - serious ones (like a motorcycle WOW) which are locked until you do amex things (get pre-approved etc_ - and then less popular ones...
  13. Hi!!!!

    Well you know us obsessive compulsives (with short term memory issues). I must have found something else to waste the hours with - but for the life of me I can't remember what....

    So did you get GUNG HO about the Sloane???? Tho I do agree with you ami kio - the dimensions are nuts!!!! 20" wide... Make a really cool travel bag though!
  14. that crossbody's really nice! thanks for the post!