AmEx wishlist - Hayden Harnett bags, today

  1. American Express card holders, we have a good chance to win of of three HH bags today, please check the link for details

    Today at 12pm EST:
    75 Twyla satchels in cream color for $150 (reg price is $650),

    3 PM EST 100 Olive Malinka barrel bags, $75 (reg.$265)

    7PM 150 Beatrice stachels, $95 (reg $485)

    I think we have a good chance to win as not many people are considering $100 to be a good deal for a handbag.

    Also, HH Mercer wallet is available now for $55 cid=wlspr07-eml-pro1-wl#fpo/82
    and clutch wallet for $80 (both 50% off the regular price)
  2. Thanks - I'm going to try for it!
  3. I really want one of the beatrice stachels!! I've been looking for one (onsale) for ages!! I'm going to try to make it home before 7pm to login in time... if not would anyone be willing to pick one up for me??
  4. Ah! I clicked RIGHT at noon and it was already gone.

    Edit: Sound out :sad: I do not have bag luck today.

  5. Yeah, I never win anything on the wishlist thing either.
  6. I've tried multiple times for different items on the matter how many times I click on it RIGHT as the time comes, I still lose out. :sad:
  7. It's such a disappointment!!
  8. I wasn't near a computer so my husband tried at 12 and initially didn't have luck...he clicked on it a few more times and was able to get the bag!!! I cannot wait to get it! He seemed to be more excited that he won the bag more than I was...
  9. Wow congratulations, which bag did you win?
  10. He won the Twyla Satchel in cream.
  11. Congratulations! Nice looking bag!
  12. Lucky you, I tried to click on it at noon just for kicks- but of course it was gone. Congrats- I love HH bags
  13. I didn't see this thread and started another on Handbags & Purses. I was able to buy the Malinka Barrel Bag. I tried for the Beatrice Satchel and was able to put it in my cart, but then in the end they said you could only buy one special item per day. Why didn't I read the rules? I really wanted the Beatrice Satchel. I even called my Dad screaming "Give me your AmEx number". I was to late. My time ran out and then they sold out. What do you all think of the Malinka Barrel Bag?
  14. So sorry to hear that you couldn't get the Beatrice - I wasn't sure about that bag before, but for $95, why not?
    Luckily my brother also checked out the rules and I couldn't buy the bags. But you are so lucky to get in on the Malinka. I've never been able to buy anything from Wishlist - it just seems too hard or maybe tech guys have script running to get the items first. I'm not sure the Malinka is my style, but I'm sure you could sell it if you're unsure.

  15. Aww.. how sweet! :girlsigh: