Amex rewards towards Chanel at Saks???..

  1. I am considering redeeming my husband's amex reward points for Saks merchandise. It's limited on certain items... Does anyone use their rewards for Saks Chanel merchandise? If so, I'll be super excited because we have a lot of points.
  2. I've redeemed amex points for Saks certificates. However, you can only use it in-store (no catalog or online orders:cursing: ).
    I spent mine on a pair of Chanel sunglasses. I would have loved to spend it toward a bag but unfortunately Saks in San Francisco doesn't carry Chanel bags. Im assuming if they accept them for Chanel sunglasses they'd accept them for other Chanel goods.
  3. There was another member here this past summer who did this:yes:
  4. I did it with no problem last year.
  5. I did it last month on my Chanel problem
  6. I love amex reward!!!:love: