AMEX points towards a Chanel?

  1. Have you ever used your Amex points towards a Chanel bag or accessory (via an Amex or Saks gift card)? Was it worth it? I know the points don't add up to much ($100 points is equivalent to 10,000 points) but it is something. I was wrestling with the idea since I never use my points and I'm never crazy about what I actually qualify for in the catalog. I was considering using 60,000 points towards a $600 Saks gift card. I would still have roughly 210,000 points left. Just curious if anyone did something similar and if you felt burned in the end. :s

    Thanks in advance. :flowers:
  2. I haven't done it yet, but I'm thinking about doing it when I build my points back up to a level where I can get a decent amount on a Saks gift card. I'd probably do it with a Saks card versus an AmEx gift card. I think you get more for your points that way. If you aren't really going to use your points toward anything else, I'd say it's totally worth it!
  3. My father would always give them to me as part of a birthday gift or for good grades. /I dont see a problem with it
  4. I've done it twice and it's great! It's free money, can't beat that.
    Like Bullet said you get more bang for your buck redeeming for the Saks GC vs regular Amex GC.
  5. I haven't for Chanel but we used to do it all the time for Banana Republic/Gap. It's was awesome!!!
    By the time I realized I could've been using it on Chanel, DH changed cards.
  6. There are limitations on what the amex provided saks gift cards can be used for, so read the fine print.
  7. I have toyed with the idea but not actually done it... yet. :p I think a gift card is the way to go -- most of the items in the rewards catalog don't appeal to me and even if they did, I could probably get them at a better price than the points exchange rate.
  8. If you have the centurian card you can use your points to pay your bill. Do it all the time. Its like the purchase never existed..... No gift card redemption, just straight bill pay.
  9. You just gave me a great idea with this thread. I have a gazillion points that I've never used because I hate those tacky items you can redeem them for and keep the points to someday redeem for plain tickets. I think I'll redeem them for a card or cash (i can get them to cut me a check). Thanks for the idea! LOL!
  10. I've applied $1200 Sak GC to my J12 so it can definitely be done.
  11. One year for DH redeemed all of his points and went on a shopping spree for me! I returned home from an X-mas party to find the bed piled high with red Saks boxes and bags!! It was like being a kid again...there must have been about 20 packages in all!!!! I have thought about using the points for a bag, but haven't done it yet, because we usually use them for our X-mas vacations!
  12. Purly,
    Thank you for posting this. I went back and read the restrictions. The Saks gift certificate via AMEX points can only be used in the store. I called Saks on 5th and I can use it at their Chanel boutique but I can't use it towards a charge and ship. I was even going to use some points to purchase a pair of CLs from a Boston Saks (they're sold out everywhere else) but alas it can't be used for phone orders. Thanks again. :tup:

  13. It depends on the SA. I was able to mail my SA the GC and he applied the $1200 GC to my J12 and ship to me.
  14. Wow- AmEx really socks you with restrictions when you redeem for a Saks GC:
    • Certificates expire within 6 months of issuance.
    • Your certificates are good only for full-priced merchandise.
    • Certificates may not be combined with any other promotional offers, but they may be combined with each other.
    • Not valid on SFA phone orders.
    • Saks Fifth Avenue corporate or employee account purchases are not eligible.
    • Not valid at "Off 5th" outlet stores. Offer excludes some designer collections, Alfred Dunhill tobacco products, some cosmetic collections, leased departments, electronics and fitness equipment from Folio, Gift Certificates, and Gift Card purchases.
    • All returns are subject to merchandise credit.
    Certificates are not redeemable on the Saks Fifth Avenue website.
  15. oh wow! i didnt even know about the restrictions on the Saks GC from Amex. I was going to get it too and order a Chanel from NY for it! I guess I cant...