Amex Blue question

  1. Does anyone know if it's still the deal w/Amex that you have to pay off the balance in full every month or you incur fees?
  2. Yes, that's the deal (unless there's a 0 percent deal going on!)...
    That's the deal with basically every credit card.
  3. Fees? You mean besides interest? I think interest is the only "fee" you'd end up with.
  4. Thanks girls- can you tell I don't have a CC yet lol? I'm not sure which one to go with :sad:
  5. Yeah, interest is the fee you end up with. They call it a 'financing charge'.
  6. Yeah, there are fees. But try reallyyyy hard to pay off all debt each month. It adds up terribly!
  7. If I got 0% for 12 mos though there would be no fees even if I carried a balance right - I would just pay the minimum till I paid it off? Just trying to confirm how it all works. I plan on paying off the balance before any interest accrues.
  8. Amex Blue allows you to carry a balance. It's best to pay it off quickly though.
  9. Make sure it's 0 percent APR on puchases. Mine is only on balance transfers. You're right about there being no fee or finance charge during that period. Is there an annual fee for that card?
  10. ^ No annual fees for Amex Blue.

    And you don't have to pay it off in full every month but there are finance charges after the initial 0% APR months (6 or 12?)
  11. yeah, but make SURE You paya it off before your period is over, otherwise they all accrue!
  12. AmEx Blue doesn't have a fee, and allows you to pay over time. Of course, after the initial 0% interest for however many months, then the interest starts accuring if you don't pay the balance off in full. Best thing to do is to pay it off quickly :biggrin: