Amethyst or black? Please help :)

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  1. Love a pop of color but I would have to see it in real life first. Black would be nice too, I know I am no help. :upsidedown:
  2. +1 ... and purple is my favourite colour!!
  3. I vote for amethyst! I recently bought the black emp ZCP and realised the color doesn't work so well as a SLG (although gorgeous as a bag) so I went back and exchanged to the Orient color, which is perfect! Amethyst will give you a pop in color and most likely to go well with your other bags :smile:
  4. I think you will have your answer when you see them in real life. Regardless of color you can't go wrong with curieuse:smile:
  5. +1

  6. So beautiful, is the Amethyst kind of a dark lilac color?
  7. I like the black best.

  8. Almost. Pictures don't do the colour justice you must see it IRL!
  9. Amethyst its stunning!!!
  10. Get the amethyst! I think the color will be sold out soon. It's a gorgeous color! Once you see it, yoy will love it. If not, yoy can always get your black.
  11. amethyst!!!
  12. I'm not a purple person but I love bright colors and that shade of amethyst is gorgeous! I say go with that one!!
  13. Amethyst ! There are plenty of other options for black wallets but amethyst is really special :smile:
  14. Thank you all so much for your input! I will definitely look at the amethyst and hope that it's as lovely irl as it is in these pictures. I'm also thinking about durability so if it's too light then black might be a better option? But amethyst does look lovely. I'm hoping and praying it isn't too bright for me!
  15. So true! I need to see them in natural day light too as the grenat looks totally different in all lights but because it isn't very sunny here, the light doesn't catch the metallic elements and it just looks more dull than expected.