Amethyst or black? Please help :)

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  1. Hi again all! I'm sure many of you saw my reveal of my grenat compact curieuse this morning. Love the style but unfortunately the colour just isn't right for me.

    So I'm exchanging for either amethyste or black - which would you choose? I've seen neither IRL so all opinions appreciated and very much needed!

    Please, if anyone owns a black or amethyst emp wallet, post pictures here if possible

    Thank you
  2. IMO for SLG's I love the pops of color. My vote is for amethyst.
  3. This is what I'm thinking! I love colour, hence why I love pomme so much! But then black will go with everything, which is why I'm confused!
  4. You want Amethyst so get goes with everything but you have other wallets so it doesn't need to:smile:
  5. I don't know if I want amethyst haha I've not seen it IRL! Don't want it to look too bright either. I'm definitely too fussy with colours, no wonder I can't ever make a decision! True though, if I do prefer the colour when I see it on Friday, I'll buy it as my other wallets will match my bags... Thank you :smile:
  6. Lol! Good really can't make a bad decision!
  7. I have the Cuireuse Wallet in Amethyst! It's beautiful!! And the leather is buttery soft!


    Here she is in natural light!

    I VOTE AMETHYST!! :smile:
  8. Oh wow! It really isn't that bright at all. Did you see the black at the store? I'm definitely a bright SLG person so was initially swaying towards amethyst, got grenat as a safe option and then decided black would be nice and neutral. But this is actually a much prettier colour than I had imagined (in my head it was much closer to neon purple) thank you for the picture
  9. Amethyst! For SLGs, I prefer brighter colors!

  10. I did see the black but that's just's black! I love purple!!! This colour is just the right amount of "pop"!

    I also bought an Empreinte Zippy in Citrine. I like it but it's very "pastely"! Still pretty though!
  11. Thank you! I'm definitely loving it after seeing the above post
  12. I love purple too. And red :smile: they're both such beautiful colours. I saw the citrine too and whilst it is so pretty, it is very light! I like the pastels though, I think they're perfect for spring/ summer.

    In your opinion, does your picture show the true colour? As above, i initially wanted this colour but then saw one on a thread and it was so bright! Nice but too much for me and it immediately put me off :sad:
  13. I'm going to be boring and say black, unless the choice was red. While I think the amethyste is gorgeous, I know how I am and I would tire of it. I would need something in a neutral that would go with everything OR my pop of color would have to come from a slg in my favorite color red. If LV releases a true red empreinte I am in trouble. In fact I should start a penny jar just in case that day comes:smile: Good luck!
  14. amethyst!
  15. Well I can absolutely relate to you on this one. From the moment I laid eyes on pomme it had my heart haha. This is one of the reasons that I considered black but as DoveLV said above, i have plenty of other wallets that would match my bags - damier and pomme look amazing together so I guess I don't need to worry.

    I just want to choose whichever looks the most expensive and sometimes black and navy just top it for me. But that amethyst above is a stunner! Not saying colours look cheap but there's just something about black with GHW :heart: