Amethyst Op Art or Black Op Art Multi (Japan website) Sabrina?

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Amethyst Op Art Sabrina or Black Multi Op Art Sabrina (Japan website)

  1. Amethyst Op Art Sabrina

  2. Black Multi Op Art Sabrina

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  1. #1 Jul 6, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2009
    I ordered the Black Multi Op Art Sabrina pictured on Coach's Japan website and really like it (just received it and haven't removed the tags). I stopped in Coach to purchase a graphite patent Maggie, which I have already started using and absolutely love...great color and the compartments are great, and spotted the amethyst Op Art Sabrina and thought that the color was so beautiful. I keep thinking that I really want that bag. The question is this...which would you buy? I might be able to buy both, but would like to hold out and see the Tribeca totes (I do not like the color of the Tribeca purple leather as much as the amethyst Op Art Sabrina), rather than buy two Op Art Sabrinas. I do not yet own a Sabrina, nor do I own any Op Art Coach bags. Most of my bags are leather (regular and patent), as well as a few HS satchels. Both bags I'm considering are in the smaller Sabrina size. Thank you, ladies, in advance for your input...this forum has been so helpful and informative. I'm not a big shopper, but I really enjoy my Coach collection.:smile:

    The middle picture is the same bag as the first; however, "twochubbycheeks" had such a great picture of it on her's a much better representation of how it looks IRL. I hope it's okay to have used it here.

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  2. #2 Jul 6, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2009
    Oh wow, we have very similar tastes! I just got my amethyst OP art Sabrina and I know for sure she is a keeper. I also love that black multi OP art, but I personally would keep the amethyst because I love purple so much. I am also planning on the patent graphite Maggie for my next purchase and I am glad to hear she is such a great bag.

    By any chance do you like the Julianne? If I were in your shoes, I was thinking that black multi would be great. She does cost quite a bit more, but that would be a cool way of having both colors.
  3. That's a great suggestion. Do you know if the Black Multi Op Art Julianne is available in the U.S.?
  4. The black multi is really cool, but I LOVE the amethyst--that is soo gorgeous. I vote for the amethyst--and I'm a black-bag lover!
  5. I really love the two tone of the black (can't believe I'm saying this b/c purple is my fav color)!!! I would keep the black Sabrina and get the purple Tribeca tote when it's available. Then again, I LOVE the color of the purple Tribeca from Baglady's pics!!!! Tough call...
  6. #6 Jul 7, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2009
    I think you would also have to order the multi Julianne from JAX like the multi Sabrina. It's not on the Coach U.S. site. I hope it is available for order because I would totally get that Julianne myself. It looks like a great work bag.
  7. Black Multi Op Art Sabrina it has such lovely "C's"
  8. Tee Hee...the middle picture is my picture of my Amethyst Sabrina. It made me so happy to see her in your post!
    My vote is of course for the Amethyst Op Art Sabrina.
  9. I love the Amethyst Sabrina. I would choose that one, no questions.
  10. I voted for the amethyst, but it was really tough. Definitely look into the black op art Julianne.
  11. Not to add to your dilemma, but isn't there a leather amethyst Sabrina coming out soon?
  12. My vote is for the Black Multi Sabrina!
  13. I am going to vote for the black multi! I think it's super cute!
  14. Thanks for the great input and many votes! I am going to take my black multi Op Art to Coach tomorrow and compare it to the amethyst Op Art (they have one in large). I'm going to ask if they have an amethyst leather in the back, as well as check on the ability to order the black multi Op Art Julianne in the U.S. (as a tPFer here suggested). I'll keep checking back for comments and votes. Thanks ladies!!
  15. :nuts: ooooh leather amethyst?! I know that doesn't help any