Amethyst City: To Treat or Not To Treat?

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  1. I know there have been lots of discussions about treating versus not treating bags. I have never really been a HUGE fan and with my Bals, I prefer them au natural with the exception of the handles, which I've treated with LMB For Handles Only.

    However, I just received the most gorgeous (almost mint) Amethyst GSH City and I am conflicted over whether or not to really treat the bag in total. I just feel like this baby needs to be babied :heart:

    Amethyst owners: Have you treated your bags? I literally shudder at the thought of her getting dirty.

  2. i used apple garde on my day and LMB FHO on the handles. did not help prevent colour transfer from my dark jeans... BUT LMB luxury cleanser took the colour transfer off easily. the apple garde might have helped.

    i would say use FHO on the handles, shine restore on the corners and maybe apple garde on the entire bag. or pro treatment if you can stand the smell. if anything happens, have LMB luxury cleanser on hand!
  3. I would leave amethyst alone. My CP was treated and has really faded.
  4. ah, interesting. thanks, ladies, for your input. anyone else?
  5. Z&J, what did you use to treat it?
  6. AG conditioner. I used to use the LMB products but couldn't stand the odor. I regret treating this. I've since stopped treating any other of my Bal items.
  7. Z&J, thanks for the warning... i will avoid using the conditioner on my bag! have no problems with the applegarde spray though... *crosses fingers*

    btw, i think LMB has a new range of unscented products :smile:
  8. I have an amethyst city and haven't treated her with anything. Tried to baby her (not holding the handles by my hands but instead, holding it by the crook of my arm) but i can see the handles are starting to very slightly darken.

    I must add that I haven't been using this baby very frequently though.. Its hard to keep the handles spot free without using treatment..
  9. How do you clean the corners? If there's dirt on them? Will LMB luxury cleanser clean corners without taking the color off? TIA!
  10. bump!