Amethyst Bridgit is stocked and available for order!!!

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  1. Thank goodness!! My original SA has returned and just called me about the Bridgit!!! :yahoo: This bag has been stocked and is available for order. There's a good quantity as of right now. I just ordered it!!

    The bottle green should also be available in a couple of days!

    Oh, and PCE for August....

    EXCLUDING Zoe, Hamptons, Hamptons Vintage, AND Legacy!! This is a "Bleecker" event...all Bleecker is included, as well as anything else. You can also buy accessories for the excluded lines with PCE, just not the bags!
  2. You can't order ANY Legacy....not even the current stuff on the website? I thought if they were going to exclude, it might be just the 'new' Legacy. :cursing: Well, if that's the case, I might as well go ahead and order the amethyst Bridgit. I was waiting until Saturday, when I can go to the boutique, to talk to my regular SA.

    My boutique called me this morning about 10 -- I guess as soon as they opened! She said the amethyst was available. I didn't order because I was hoping/waiting to use the PCE on her. Did she happen to say WHEN the PCE is going to be?
  3. Oh, and PCE for August....

    EXCLUDING Zoe, Hamptons, Hamptons Vintage, AND Legacy!! This is a "Bleecker" event...all Bleecker is included, as well as anything else. You can also buy accessories for the excluded lines with PCE, just not the bags

    I wonder if this is the PCE for outlet customers. Will there be a PCE for September and will that one include these pieces? I remember the PCE from May and June. The May PCE (for outlet shoppers) excluded the pleated satchel and the June PCE (boutique shoppers) included these.
  4. Yeah, this is called a "Bleecker" event, but I'm still assuming it's a PCE for the outlet shoppers (or concentrated on them). I did ask about the Sept event, and she wasn't sure, but you're right they don't usually exclude the same things for the boutique shoppers.

    Oh, and dummy idiot me didn't actually ASK the date :nogood:, but when I asked my SA, I told her I knew the cards were going to start being mailed next Friday. I'm going to assume the event starts around the 22nd, but I have to email her more questions (she was leaving at the time), and I will ask that!

    The only thing to do (if you want) is to hold on to the ordered item and NOT remove the tags or use it till Sept. Maybe by then the Legacy pieces will be included and you can get the price adjustment (i.e. return and repurchase using PCE).

    ALSO....they are restructuring everything, and now there will be no more "Legacy" stores... All stores will carry some pieces of all lines. Her store just got in some Legacy!! :yahoo:
  5. Hey, baglady!! If you remeber can you as your SA if there will be new Bleecker Leather Compact Clutches and maybe get a style #, pretty please!!!!!
  6. I have sooo many questions:


  7. I asked a more clueless SA last weekend, but she told me nothing except for patchworks and the three patent colors (plum, mahogany, and black), and there's only 19 left for the plum patchwork. I'll ask the good SA again. The thing is once when I went to another boutique, the one SA couldn't even find the patchwork half of the time I don't trust the SAs around here to give the correct info. There are a couple of ways to search (or diff. databases).
  8. Some of your questions are hard to answer, but I will try! In red below your responses...

  9. I'm thinking of ordering the bottle green bridget when it's available. Can someone give me the style # on that? Thanks!!

  10. All of the leather ones are 11622. I was told today there's actually not a bronze, just amethyst, bottle green, and black.
  11. Thanks!!
  12. THANK YOU, Baglady! I know my questions were difficult. I try to work w/one SA, but my problem's only when I get a chance to make a trip to my closest boutique in Oklahoma City -- over an hour away from me. There is only ONE boutique in OKC. The others (2 or 3) are in Tulsa, about three hours from me. NEVER go to them.

    I'm not willing to take a chance on NOT getting the amethyst Bridgit (I think I like it better than the bottle green...also want a cherry Sabrina). So I think I will order her tomorrow when I go to OKC, exchanging my teal Legacy shoulder bag. Hopefully my SA will be there so I can ask her some specifics about returning w/the PCE, etc.

    Also, I asked her if the SAs are on a commission-basis. She said 'no'. But you mentioned 'credit', how does that work? I wonder if the stores looses money for returns.
  13. I just preordered the bottle green bridget! She said it would be in probably around the 15th and it will probably ship around the 18th or so. So I guess it's just a waiting game but i'm glad I got it now. I love the color, I just hope it's true to the color in the picture! Thanks again for the info baglady!
  14. PLEASE post photos soon as you get her, I am wanting to order but want to see/hear about the color first. CONGRATS, Hope she is everything we all hope for!
  15. They do not work on commission, but they have sales goals. :yes: