Amethyst Bridgit and Atlantic Peyton are here!!!!

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  1. WOO HOO!!!!:yahoo: I'll be posting pics and details shortly!!!
  2. OH NO....the Bridgit is Garcia leather!!!!
  3. oohhhh...must see amethyst color!!
  4. What is garcia leather!? OMG can't wait for pics!
  5. yay, can't wait!
  6. Yeh! cant wait to see pics! and your report on bridget!
  7. I don't really want to comment right now about it because I really haven't taken the packing materials out, etc. I haven't even opened my atlantic Peyton!! I also need time for the shock to set in so that I can be objective. The problem is I have the older style Bridgits...

    One point I can objectively make right now is that my Bridgit and wristlet are a tad darker than my top handle pilot. However, I wonder how much of that has to do with the leather breaking in. I prefer the color and texture on my top handle. I'm also not liking the purple zipper (fabric part) on the Bridgit. That's just my personal opinion.

    I'll save the rest of the comments later, but here's quick pic. This is taken with a soft flash. It is a dark purple color.

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  8. Its pretty, but I was hoping it was a brighter purple like the drilldown pic. Oh, well... I'll save some money this way.
  9. It's nice but I'm not liking it that much either.
  10. i like this purple...very pretty...but I don't really like the bridgit style...what other styles are in this color???
  11. Where are the peyton pictures? I like the bridgit. I think the color is pretty.
  12. I like it. Don't get me wrong, I love the DD bright purple but at the same time this subdued purple would really match my fall wardrobe (which consists of a lot of dark jewel tones)
  13. The bridgets color is pretty lets see the peyton!
  14. I'm going to post a pic next to my top handle, wristlet, and wallet (all amethyst in color) so that you can see the comparisons. Also I will post a pic of this Bridgit next to an old one.

    The purple color is darker in certain lights, and I've purposely used a soft flash here. It's also cloudy outside, so that doesn't help me to try to take accurate photos. It's a nicer in bright lights, but the problem is this leather lacks the depth that the vintage vachetta does. It just looks "flatter", for lack of a better word. It might look better after the leather is broken in because actually my top handle is very purple and has developed more color and texture variations with use. My pilot wristlet (that I have not yet used) is a tad darker and more similar to the Bridgit in color.

    Problem is this leather just looks a bit like "pleather" compared to the old!

    I'll be back later with more pics. I need to unpack my Peyton!!!
  15. Oh, DH just arrived and is bugging me to see the bags and discuss them, so this may be a bit, lol!!!