Americas Next Transgender Top Model?

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  1. Yeah saw this. Now that they have a plus size model, this is next.
  2. wasn't there a transgendered model on a few seasons ago? i don't think she made it to the top 16 (or however many go into the house) but i swear she came back later to help with something. or am i going crazy?!
  3. She has great bones. I look forward to the day when transgendered will not be any more "interesting" to the public than someone who had a cleft palate corrected.
  4. I definitely don't think 'she' is pretty, but that's just my opinion. It sounds like ANTM is wanting more publicity...
  5. I like her face but not her clothing / earrings. I'd like to see what she looks like after the hair makeover.
  6. for declining rating perhaps?:shrugs:
  7. she's a local girl from DC and I've seen her in person. Lovely personality, beautiful skin

  8. I don't think so either.
  9. It's weird how that works. There have actually been several girls on the show that I personally thought weren't very attractive. Yet they have an "essence" or just photograph very well, which in turn makes them good models. I've definitely seen girls with prettier faces around, but having a pretty face doesn't necessarily mean you should model.
  10. I love that quote "we want to redefine"... "you can be tall, you can be short"... Umm but not below 5'7", the minimum height to apply to be on this show
  11. Hell yes, Leo! Thank you!:woohoo:

    Enough with the short people discrimination!

    (I'm 5'2 - can you tell this is a sore spot with me? haha)
  12. I don't think she is Technically pretty but it seems that a lot of models aren't the traditional pretty - the all american look - like in the 70's and 80's. It seems the more different looking you are the better you will be in the modeling world. I can't wait for the makeovers either and curious to see how Isis will look too.
  13. i say good for her, she obviously wants to be a model badly because i'm sure she knew its going to be more difficult for her. i feel bad though, cause antm could just be using her to get more viewers and exploiting her.