America's Next Top Model

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  1. i *think* i've been seeing that one smart a$$ blonde girl from that same season in some model pics a lot recently. i think her name was erin?
  2. Wha?? Go head girl!!! Good for her. I liked Nicole...glad she is doing well. And she's only like 5'7'' right?
  3. So sad it's not true. I was happy a winner of ANTM finally got to be a top model.
  4. Oh she was so pretty....loved her!!

    It probably didnt show up cause someone abbreviated ANTM. This search never works LOL
  5. Awe, I was SO glad Nicole won, honestly she was so weird, but I kind of relate to her a little.. Anyways, I wish her all the luck in the world.

    Isn't a new ANTM coming on... soon?

    Also, I heard Tyra was going to start a modelling competition for plus size girls age 13-19, and must be like a size 12, or something.. interesting though.