America's Next Top Model

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Sep 13, 2005
So we all are fashion queens, so we must all love this show!! Or is is just me?? Any of you up to date on the show?

I just spoke to Chemlex about all the cattiness on the show! Wayy too much estrogen in that house! What do you all think? :P
I'm so happy to see the Lisa love in here! I felt really bad for her on the last show because everyone was picking on her. Her secret: "I tell myself I'm beautiful everyday" was the most original and best delivered.

Maybe it will get better now that the man who hassled her so much was bounced off the show (I swear I saw a moustache on her a few times).

You can't label someone an "alcoholic" after just knowing them for a few weeks. It's very likely that Lisa is just drinking because of the stress from the show.

Kyle..hehe :smile: SUPER CUTE!
Kyle may be cute, but she has been practically invisible. She needs to kick up some drama to get some more screen time.

And here's the ad that Nicole won. Why? Her secret was lame, and her commerical wasn't nearly as good as Lisa's!


I was almost certain that Kim would be gone because she got so much screen time about her struggling to look feminine.

But sorry, Kyle fans. She had a rough week. Her pin up photo was terrible - she had a weird wonky eye look and now she is gone.

Jayla was really laying into Kyle - calling her stupid, and having "next to no personality" Also does Kyle have breast implants - they look quite large for her frame.

I thought it was hysterical that they were trying to get the models to pose so it looked like they had asses - they don't. I wonder if they airbrushed in some butts on those ladies.

Lisa is gorgeous! I don't care what you guys say about her looking old. I thinks she is a welcome change from the creepy 12 year Calvin Klein models that are so prominent.
I was so upset at Kyle leaving. I think her body type just comes with bigger breasts- they don't look fake. She is by NO means fat, but she is a bigger frame (height wise- possibly bone structure also), but I adore her body. Her outfit she choose to wear as 'sexy' was AWFUL though.

Lisa is refreshing in a way, but I am not rooting for her.

Jayla has become heinous. She is gorgeous, but heinous. What is her issue??

Kim's pictures came out great- I was surprised.

And the other girl, has a forgettable face to me. Maybe her eyes are pretty, but she doesn't do it for me. And she does say OK too much.

I need to decide who I am rooting for now! I am not sure anymore...
Poor Megs - I definitely think that outfit she chose to be "sexy" did her in. It really wasn't flattering, and with her. . shall we say. . assets - she should have choosen something a bit lower cut.

Jayla has really gotten bratty - she reminds me of the possibly anorexic brunette from the first season who always had something bad to say about everyone.

I hope Kim makes it another week, she is definitely the weakest of the models but only survives because she is "different". If Bree has a bad week, she'll be gone next.
Bree is pretty... but I don't find her absolutely gorgeous at all. I actually thought she should have gone, not Kyle. Kim's pin up ad was great! I was totally shocked!

What is that light light white skin girl's name? I can't remember for the life of me but I think she is plain and boring.
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