Americas next top model

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Whitch model do you like the best

  1. Brooke

  2. Danielle

  3. Furonda

  4. Jade

  5. Joanie

  6. Leslie

  7. Mollie sue

  8. Nnenna

  9. Sara

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I hate how GINA got kicked off i like her the best i wish jade got kicked off.
  2. She would never last in the world of modeling. She didn't have any backbone.
  3. I personally didn't like Gina too much. She seemed a confused ALL the time.
  4. I like brooke now i think she has a strong look.
  5. I wasn't a fan of Gina. I'd like to see Sara, Mollie Sue or Nnenna do well.
  6. I like the look of brooke i dont now why.
  7. i like sara.
  8. I like Nnenna. She has such elegance and poise to her, and she's humble. Jade, on the other hand...HATE her...SO. FRIKKIN. MUCH. As a model, she takes beautiful photos. However, knowing her personality just makes her ugly in my eyes. I didn't like Gina very much at all because she was annoying but I couldn't help but feel very very sorry for her. If I were in that house, I wouldn't be able to take watching her pick on someone so much. I'd give her what she needs to hear and she'd have to deal with it.
  9. pictures anyone? I don't know which one is which???
  10. ^^^Yes, PICS! I haven't kept up with the show :sad:
  11. It's hard to say who I like most right now, but I'm really glad Gina got kicked out. She really was confused the whole time.
  12. There's already a new one? Damn they are fast. The last season is still running here. :biggrin::biggrin:

  13. It just shows you looks arent everything. Personality Personality Personality.

    Gina was beautiful but a wreck!

  14. I think Jade looks strange. I dont know what it is.
    Last night in her photo shoot I think she resembled Kim Catrell! LOL

  15. Mollie Sue, she's adorable.

    Gina was an idiot, seriously. I wanted to love her so much, bc she was gorgeous, but OMG. I dislike Jade too, but Gina was just an effing trainwreck. :-P