America's Next Top Model: Season 8

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    1. Brittany
    2. Cassandra
    3. Dianna

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    4. Dionne
    5. Felicia
    6. Jael
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    7. Jasline
    8. Kathleen
    9. Natasha

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    10. Renee
    11. Samantha
    12. Sarah
    13. Whitney
  3. Did you know that Tyra Banks said on her talk show yesterday that the reason she does ANTM is to bring back models to the covers of fashion magazines? That's so noble. She should really change the show's title to America' s Next Top Cover Model to clarify its purpose. (I though her show was about showcasing her wigs, theatrical outfits and acting skills) Oh, and the winning model should get a better cover than Seventeen magazine. With all of Tyra's power, she should hook up the winner with a cover on a top fashion magazine like Vogue.

    I'm not very excited about America's Next Top Model -- Cycle 8 which debuts February 28th. Last season was boring and the prettiest girls got kicked off in the first few weeks. When they were picking the models to be on the show they cut some of the best ones. WTF? I'm sure that happened this season, too. The models don't look that pretty or interesting. I'd rather watch another country's version of Top Model

  4. Wow, Season 8?? I didn't know it's been running for that long!
  5. I like this show but the last season wasnt as good..I have to admit
  6. Can't wait, I love that show. I think it shows that modeling is not just having a pretty face. They have to have a personality and know how to walk, act, among lots of other things. I think thats why a lot of the pretty ones do get voted off.
  7. Yes always surprises in those model shows, the really pretty ones seem to go first but it is so amazing what the make up artists can do with the less pretty ones when you see the photo shoots! Personally I don't think that Kate Moss is a raving beauty!!
  8. Well...Jay is going to host Canada's Next Top Model and I know they start filming here in March. The last season was hilarious...good ol' fashioned catfights all around.
    I must say that while the winner of CNTM last year was sort of bland, the overall "look" of the contestants was much more interesting than the US version, very multicultural:yes:
  9. I'm happy for Caridee, but it would've been better if Anchal or either of the twins had won.
  10. The photo shoots get worse and worse every season.
  11. This thread is not about last season.
  12. I agree. Lets hope this season is exciting. What do you think of this seasons candidates ?
  13. I realize that. I was responding to what you said about last season and how the prettiest ones got kicked off first. I was agreeing with you.

    I'm looking forward to this upcoming season. I like how two of the contestants are more 'plus sized' than the others. You can get a better look at the girls on UPN's site. There's a video showing them all.

    The CW Video Hub
  14. Actually, i was surprised too ! :s
  15. Jill.. Do ya see anyone you think might win in the line up ?