America's Next Top Model ~ Season 10

  1. The CW has announced America's Next Top Model's tenth season will premiere on Wednesday, February 20 at 8PM ET/PT.


    Here are the new ANTM contestants

    Aimee (19)

    Amy (20)

    Allison (19)

    Anya (19)
  2. Atalya (18)

    Claire (24)

    Dominique (23)

    Fatima (22)

  3. Katarzyna (22)

    Lauren (22)

    Kimberly (20)

    Marvita (23)
    - previously rejected last cycle, and told to come back
  4. Stacey-Ann (23)

    Whitney (20)
    - possibly the plus-sized one?

    - Aimee, an 18-year-old hostess from Spanaway, WA
    - Allison, a 19-year-old hostess from Waunakee, WI
    - Amy (aka "Amis"), a 20-year-old waitress from Bartlesville, OK
    - Anya, a 19-year-old in retail sales from Honolulu, HI
    - Atalya, an 18-year-old student from Brooklyn, NY
    - Claire, a 24-year-old production coordinator from New York, NY
    - Dominique, a 23-year-old receptionist from Columbus, OH
    - Fatima, a 22-year-old student from Boston, MA
    - Katarzyna, a 22-year-old in finance from Roslyn, NY
    - Kimberly, a 20-year-old customer service agent from Worcester, MA
    - Lauren, a 22-year-old artist from Brooklyn, NY
    - Marvita, a 23-year-old in retail sales from San Francisco, CA
    - Stacy Ann, a 22-year-old student from Miami, FL
    - Whitney, a 20-year-old student from Atlantic Beach, FL
  5. Thanks for these!

    I like Katarzyna.

    (I'm excited! This is the first time in a long time I don't have class on Wednesday nights so I can watch it when everyone else does!)
  6. Not sure if I'm going to tune in this season. Especially after what happened last season.

    They should just change the name to, "Tyra's Next Top Model" :supacool:
  7. The group photo looks like it will be merging with the new season of Pussy Cat Dolls.

    Fatima and Stacey Ann look angry already or maybe that is their sexy look.
  8. I think Allison kind of looks like the girl version of Jasleen... just me? Ok... don't mind me! :p
  9. Thanks for this! I haven't decided if I"m going to tune in or not. Last season kinda bugged me. Tyra seems to be getting on her high-horse lately, maybe i'll watch at least the beginning. Hopefully it was a fluke.
  10. I agree!
  11. Dominique looks just like Coryn from season 5 (season with Lisa, Kim, Bre, etc)

    Fatima, Anya, and Aimee stand out to me. Kimberly also has a great face..
  12. Claire reminds me of Ashlee Simpson, I think Dominique is gorgeous!

    I just hope its not all about *****in'...and I wonder who they got to replace Twiggy. I think I heard who...but I cant remember.
  13. Aww I hadn't heard Twiggy was leaving (Guess i've been living in a hole). I liked her!
  14. Ah word on the street is it's Paulina Porizkova.
  15. I probably won't watch this season either, because of what happened last season and I read Tyra gave her employees cheeseburgers for Christmas. :tdown: Plus she buys fake handbags. :yucky: