America's Best Dance Crew - Season 5

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  1. Anyone watching this season?

    I watched the regionals and the actual competition started last night. Haven't seen that one yet but it's DVR'd.

    They finally got some good talented crews this season. WAY better than season 4! I'll definitely be watching.

    My faves so far in no particular order:
    Hype 5.0 (I was born in Hawaii - gotta represent!)
  2. I'm watching, my 7 yr old LOVES this show!

    Liking Blueprint and Poreotix, was real disappointed with Hype 5.0's performance last night, but I like them still.
  3. ^I've only watched the West's performances from last night. I agree - Hype 5.0 didn't do as well as their regional performance but I'm still pulling for them to go far.

    Going to watch the rest of the show tonight.
  4. I'm not all that impressed.
  5. Poreotix, Jungle Boogie and Static Noise are my faves at this point.
  6. Don't know if anyone is still watching but I'm glad my 3 picks from the beginning are still in.

    Can't believe that jump rope crew is still in. What they do is cool and all but this is a DANCING competition not jump rope comp.

    I was sad to see Heavy Impact leave - they could really dance and I like that they broke the stereotype of what a typical dance group should look like.

    Overall, I really enjoyed the 70's competition.

    DH thinks Blueprint might take this season.
  7. ^I'm still watching. I agree, the jumprope crew is very good at what they do but the small bit of dancing they do is very elementary. Not on the level of the rest of the groups.

    Blueprint Crew's Lady Gaga performance was off the hook. I hadn't really considered them to be in the running until then. I also like Jungle Boogie. Poriotics (sp?) always entertain me every week. :tup:
  8. The only crew I like is the jump rope one and the crew from Canada. This season the talent is lacking and choreography. The Canadian crew has Vincent from SYTYCD Canada Season 1 who is an awesome contemporary dancer.
  9. So the 3 crews I picked at the beginning were in the final 3.

    Sad to see Hype 5-0 go home. Their last performance/battle where they called out both Blueprint and Poreotix in their dance was sick. Blueprint is lucky they got voted through because they did not do well on this challenge. I think if Blueprint were in the bottom 2 with Hype - they would have gone home based on that performance.

    Overall though, I think Blueprint is a good crew and may win it all and be the first non-West crew (and non-American crew) to win ABDC. I'm slightly leaning towards Poreotix but I'll be happy with whoever wins.

    I was UNDERwhelmed by the final dance from both Poreotix and Blueprint. Nothing amazing/out of the ordinary.

    I think the first season spoiled it for me - no crew comes close to what Jabbawockees did week after week or even what Kaba Modern did. Love these crews.
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    Last edited: Apr 8, 2010

    I agree and will even throw in Season 3's winner into the mix, Quest Crew. These three crews were so talented and their performances each week were top notch. This season, I wasn't strongly rooting for anyone but I'm happy that Blueprint Cru and Poreotix are in the final show down.
  11. Tonight the finale already? Not too exciting this season, but my 8 year old LOVES the show!
  12. My 8 year old is happpppyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats Poreotix!!!!!!
  13. I'm happy too! CONGRATS to POREOTIX!!! I can't wait for next week when they bring back all the past season champions for a charity show.
  14. ^^^Me too!
  15. The last episode doesn't air until Sunday, but I couldn't resist and peeked at who won.

    I was really hoping Blueprint Crew would win, but I'm happy for Poreotix.

    And the fact that Blueprint Crew made it that far is pretty damned awesome.