America's Best Dance Crew, anyone else watch :)

  1. I thought it was hot! I love freestyle dancing, breaking, pop locking, crunk and any dance done in a battle/team format

    i cant wait to see how this show goes down cause some of these teams are off the hook, and some not so much! :smile:

    I think that of the 2 all girls squads that got picked, the ones "femme 5" should not have made it into the finals, they werent that good-they were alright but compared to the other all girl squad and the other squads in general, they werent that hot

    the crews break skate were sick, so were the jabbawockeez and Kaba modern and live in color those were my favorites

    i think that femme 5, and enigma were just ok sh&^ i mean im not saying i could do any of it :smile: but im just saying who i think was hot and who wasnt

    did anyone else watch? what do other ppl thinK! :smile:
  2. jabba and kaba!!!!

    i think Kaba Modern will win this!:happydance:
  3. Kaba Modern is awesome. They've always had really talented dancers. I hope they will go far! I can't wait to see longer routines.

    The skaters were really talented. Apparently this is a newer form of skating that has just emerged in recent years, says my roommate who was a competition/dance skater!