** America's Best Dance Crew (ABDC) Season 3 **

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  1. #1 Jan 16, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2009
    I have watched every season of ABDC, love this show! Big JABA fan! :heart:

    Here are the crews this season:
    All girls group - Beat Freaks

    Cloggin - Dynamic Edition

    G.O.P. - Latin Group

    Ringmasters - Some weird freakish group that have double jointed arms

    Team Millenia - A come back group from Season 2 - There were 12th runner up last season... they suck even more this year!

    Striker All-Stars

    Quest Crew
  2. [​IMG]
    Fly Khicks - Really? They all might as well join a cheerleading squad!

    Box Cuttuhz - My FAVE! They rock, such an insync group with amazing choreography! I hope they go far if not all the way!
  3. Week One:
    Group Eliminated
    Now walk it out....
  4. awww My sister's old dance partner Gina is in Fly Khicks (the short one)...and yes, most of them were Miami Heat Dancers...which happen to be the best squad in the NBA! :smile: So happy they made it through tonight!
  5. I'm watchin it right now. They just finished performing the first 6 crews.

    First of all, that was cheesy when Lil Mama cried. lol.

    I REAAAALLy like QWEST!!!!!!

    PR team was weak.
  6. is this season worth watching? last season was a huge disappointment overall. i watched some of it off and on, and caught the last episode just to see who won.

    it seems like no one can top jabbawockeez... those guys are amazing!! the first season was full of talented crews.
  7. yea what the heck was Lil Mama crying for? She was reminiscent of Paula Abdul during American Idol! lol
  8. Remember Hok, Ryan, and Dominic from So You Think You Can Dance? Now they're in Quest crew!
  9. coach girl was right, team millenia sucked. =/
  10. Does anyone know what that song was that Box cuttuhz was performing to?
  11. Beat Freaks, Dynamic Edition (yes, I do like this. They were impressive!) Quest (HOK!!!!) are my favorites at the moment.

    Box Cuttuhz, G.O.P., and Team Millenia were disappointing. I was most disappointed in Team Millenia because they were actually pretty good last year. I don't know why they thought they had to come up with this gimmick in order to get people to like them.
  12. I didnt even know this started. I watched religiously the first year(Go Jabba!!), but I lost interest last season. I'll have to catch the next episode and see what this season is all about.
  13. I was so happy to see Hok (Loved him on so you think you can dance) That show just wasn't for his dance style. Glad to see him on this show. My favorite crews so far are Beat Freaks and Quest Crew.
  14. Oh man, I missed it this week! I discovered this show last year when I was home recouping from surgery and now I'm totally addicted.
  15. I think Beat Freaks were really good too!

    Lil Mama is a drama queen... I don't get the crying either... it was probably set up.. I don't like her, JMHO... ugh :rolleyes:...