American prices for Perfo Musette, Demi Lune, and Mini Trocadero?

  1. I know, I know, I'm jumping on the perfo train a little late. I like all of the above, including the speedy, but I can't find the American prices. Does anyone remember?
  2. Hey it's are the prices for them!

    - L

    Speedy $1200.00

    Demi Lune $1430.00

    Mini Trocadero $1070.00

  3. Thanks, Dickies! When I checked with my local LV, they were out of the green Speedy and Pochette, as is the case with eLuxury. Does your store have any of the green left, or are you out as well?
  4. Hey the green speedy is on elux now!! YEAH!