American PitBull Terrier Owners...

  1. Reading through various threads I noticed there are several APBT owners. I was just wondering how many we had. :yahoo: Count me in twice.

    I would love to see pics as well. :wlae:
  2. Hi i am a Proud owner of a This breed. I used to have two now i have one . I lost Sunshine this yr she was 5 yrs old still cooping with the loss. Now i have Sunshine's Daughter Tamaki . She is 1 yr old she was born on halloween. Here they are...

    The white one is Sunshine 7/31/01-1/26/07
    And the dark one is Tamaki Chaki 10/31/05
    l_e0d53513c5d93c2766d39a78141c1295.jpg m_535fa441a2b67e2398268d89758b1952.jpg
  3. I have one. I will post a photo as soon as I time. (that might be a couple of days....sorry). His name is Bronx & he is an 11 year old male. Yes! 11! Just had his birthday in March. He is absoloutely the BEST dog & I HIGHLY doubt we will ever be without atleast 1!!!!! Thanks for posting this thread! I love itty bitty pitties! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  4. I have one Chihuahua who thinks she is a pit bull...does that count?!?! LOL

    My aunt has a Pit Bull named Lilly...awesome dog!!! :smile:
  5. "Chance" is only half a Pit Bull. Does that count?
  6. I have a pit bull named Oliver! He is the best dog, he is about 1 1/2. I have a 2 year lil girl and he is her baby! They love each other to death!! Most people are like OMG you have a pit bull around your child...but she will lay all over him, hug him, pretty much do what ever and he just lets her!! It makes me mad to hear ppl stereotype all pit bulls into one category.

    I also have a 5 lb a combo, huh? but guess who's the boss? Lela...the 5lb poodle!!

    I'll post a pic soon of my 3 babies :p
  7. ^^ i also hate how people stereotype. I love this breed to me is the best. I feel sorry for all those people that think this breed is the worse. My dog ( the one in the pic) she is so spoiled. Shes daddy little girl. She was born in our truck on the way to the hospital. And when her mom died ( that was my baby) every one in my neighbor hood missed her. Even though i live in Miami dade county (pitbulls are banned ) I would get in so much trouble to have a pit. But i dont care i still have her > they are the best. sorry i get a tad excited talking about my dogs. Sorry dog.
  8. Pit bull/Rottie/Dobie stereotypes are all sad...I wish people would figure out that it is the OWNER and how the dog is raised that will determine whether or not the dog turns out well.

    Blaming horrible living situations, unkind owners, etc. on the dog is just not fair. People need to start being responsible!!! :sad:
  9. I COULDN't agree more w/ Booga1003 &Couturegrl!

    Owners are responsible for their dogs! Just as parents are responable for their children! If you don't treat, love, care for them correctly & TRAIN them, what should one expect?
  10. someday i plan on owning a pitbull....i just need to change my husband's perception of the breed. he just needs to spend time with one and not worry about what other people will think/say.

    this breed is so smart, loving and loyal. i volunteer at a shelter and they are by far my favorite dogs to walk and play with (and there are so many that need homes). they are not hard to train well, people just don't take the time or want a "badass" dog.

    adopt your next pit from a shelter! lots of them are purebred and just need a loving family.
  11. I used to have a pit bull, he wasn't a terrier, he was a full-sized dog with a brindle coat---just gorgeous! I sort of adopted him after his owner dropped him off at a friend's house "temporarily" and never came back for him. He was not overly friendly but neither was he overly aggressive. He pretty much ignored my cats, which was good. He never barked when people would come to the door but he definitely went on full alert. Parts of the neighborhood where I used to live were not so good but I always felt perfectly safe while I was walking him because people tend to be afraid of pit bulls and would actually cross the street to avoid coming too close to him. I especially liked that he would always sleep either right outside the door to my bedroom or on the floor next to my bed. Unfortunately, I had to find another home for him because I was simply unable to give him the care and attention that dogs need, due to my work hours. He did not like staying in the back yard by himself for one thing and was quite the escape artist so I was constantly being awakened by irate neighbors who would report that my pit bull was running loose in the streets (I work at night so have to sleep during the day). Luckily I was able to find a good home for him with some folks I knew who already had a couple of pit bulls and plenty of space for him to roam.

    Every pit I have ever met was very sweet and friendly. I agree, it's the owners, not the dogs, who should be held accountable.
  12. Fiance and I have a 6 year old APBT called Beau, he is brindle and white and the most gentle and amazing animal that I have ever met :heart: (and that's not me being biassed!). He was rescued from an abusive owner :mad: as a pup. He loves having his nails painted and playing with my parents cavvy, and I have taught him to sing (howl) along with songs. Word of warning - they are high maintenence and lots of work, and because they think that they are people you can't leave them out of anything social, including dinner. I firmly believe that you can't discriminate against breeds just like you can't discriminate against races, it is completely up to the owner how a dog turns out. I love APBTs!!!
  13. Here they are :tender:haha i love them!!

    1st is - Oliver
    2nd is - Lela
    3rd is - both ( i could get them to quit playing to take a pic
    4th is - Madi and Oliver when it snowed awhile back
    5th is - Lela with my glasses on!! :lol:
    pics 003.jpg pics 004.jpg pics 005.jpg pics 001.jpg pics 002.jpg
  14. I love all breed of dog and have enjoyed looking at all your pictures of your pitbull terriers, i am pretty sure that it is illegal to own one in the U.K. so you obviously never see them around, but you are definitely right it is the owners not the dog who cause the problems. I have a samoyed.
  15. Are they the same as the ones in England that are banned?