American Pit Bulls?

  1. Hey guys!!

    Well, I had to part with my Basset Hound (on the avatar pic) a few weeks ago. My baby cousin loved it so much that he wanted to take it home a few days and when I went to get it back he cried so hard I had no heart to take it away from him.

    So a couple of days ago my mum calls and says she's got me a new pup. My mum knows pretty much nothing about dog breeds, but was able to tell me this pup was a 6 week old female American Pit Bull.

    As soon as my guy friend find out, he completely freaked out. He started babbling incessantly about how Pit Bulls are the most horrid dogs ever and how they'll kill anything within their distance. I, of course, am of the opinion where a dog's character is mainly influenced by its owner, but.. I just would like to double check with the American Pit Bull owners here and get a real-life experience from you guys. Are they hard to train? Are they really so aggressive by nature? And any other detail you might consider of importance. Thanks in advance!
  2. I've heard that they are naturally aggressive. I think they are even banned in Ontario for that reason. That being said, my cousin has a pit bull and she is an absolute angel, so I think if you socialize them well you can minimize these tendencies. I think you might want to reconsider if you have small kids though..
  3. Pit Bulls become a problem when they are owned by the wrong people. They are (in my experience) no more difficult to train than any other breed and can certainly be as loving and loyal as any other breed.
  4. APBT's (American Pit Bull Terriers) should not be people aggressive. It was called the "Nanny Dog" back in the old days because of it's loving and protective nature with children. Poor breeding and/or lack of socialization and training can make for a problem dog (of any breed).

    Do be aware that the breed can be (and very often is)dog-aggressive. Not all are, but as the dog matures, be careful to keep good control of it around other dogs until you see how it is developing in that aspect.

    I don't own one, just speaking from what I know of the breed from reading, being around them at dog shows, and being "in dogs" (showing and breeding) for the past 20 years.
  5. I dont believe that pit bulls are agressive and dangerous. I think a lot of irresposible people have trained their pit bulls to be aggresive. And unfortunately, this has given pit bulls bad reputation.
    ---> shame on them for making other innocent people afraid of pit bulls.

    But dogs are like kids.... if you raise them right, they will be the most wonderful dogs you have ever had.
  6. They are not aggressive unless you teach them to be!
    There are so many of my friends who have pit bulls and they are the most loving dogs EVER! I do suggest training, but I would train any big dog. Its not the dogs...its the owners.

    Edit: I want to add that Ive taken my dogs over for "play dates" with 2 of my friends' pit bulls...they are sooo cute when they play! Not an aggressive bone in their body! And Im talking about my 5-6lb dogs!
  7. A friend of mine has one, and it is the biggest wuss on the planet. I always ask are they sure it's a pit bull. LOL. I take my dogs over to play with it all the time. They are both under 10 lbs. My dogs are tougher. They have had their dog since it was a puppy and its basically a lap dog at this point. I do know some places have outlawed pit bulls so I would check with your local area to make sure you can have it.
  8. Approximately 25% of all people who own 'dangerous breeds' also have a criminal history. That is why pitt bulls have such a terrible reputation.

    By the way, the last statistics I saw, in Prevention Magazine, indicated that pitt bulls pass temperment tests 84.1% of the time, compared to golden retrievers (83.8%), cocker spaniels (81.7%) and miniature schnauzers (78.6%).

    Please do not be afraid of raising this kind of breed. You will just need to follow Cesar Milan's rules of exercise, discipline and affection, in that order.
  9. I own a pit bull and he has been challenging. I have been around and owned this breed of dog for 10 years and he is the first one that has been a struggle to train. These dogs are most often sweet, gentle and brave but like all dogs they can be stubborn and sometimes difficult to train.
    I would not recommend a pit bull for anyone that is not looking fo a high energy dog and willing to do at the very least basic obediance. I am a huge advocate for the breed and wish more people would consider a pit bull for there pet. That being said if you are having second thoughts about whether this is the breed for you then maybe you should consider another breed. PM me if you have any questions regarding training or pit bulls in general.
  10. i totally agree with what all the other posters said, they aren't bad owners, they just get a bad reputation because of the people that own them. they can make great dogs. they can be prone to dog-aggression but if properly socialized, it shouldn't be a problem. tell your mom to take the dog out alot, have it around lots of people and lots of dogs early and that will help a lot. they are known to be great to children and are great dogs when in the proper hands.
  11. my co worker just had her femail pit bull pass away 2 months ago. she was 2 weeks shy of turning 11 years old. she died from breast cancer. to this day, 2.5 months later she still cries because she misses her. i think it's all about the owners and how they are raised. this pit bull was one of the most intelligent dogs i've ever met. she knew so many commands, very obedient, was not aggressive at all to humans, but however did not like other pit bulls.

    i have a half pit bull half lab. she's the sweetest and obedient dog i've ever had. she's my baby. however, she does not get along with other dogs. but with humans, you could have a baby pull her tail and she would not do anything. it's really the owners and the training that makes pit bulls aggressive.
  12. It depends on how a dog is brought up. My sister use to have a pitbull and it was the sweetest dog ever.
  13. I own a pit bull and I love pit bulls. Growing up I worked at a veterinary hospital & become very intimate with many a dog. That being said, we (myself & the other staff @ the vet. hosp.) ALWAYS remarked on how great pits were. I don't believe we ever had an issue w/ a pit. Of course some dogs ARE dangerous, mean, etc. But that goes for ANY animal.

    Pit Bulls have unfortunately & innapropriatley been deemed violent, horrific dogs. That is not the case. Also, a common misconception is that Pits have lock-jaw. They do not. No dog does.

    Why do we so often hear about pits attacking? Because it makes for a good story. Dog bites happen everyday all across the country. Who wants to hear about the golden retriever that bit somebody? That's boring. Pit Bull just sounds bad, violent, mysterious.

    Unfortunately due to Pit Bulls becoming associated w/ toughness, determination, strength, etc., they have become a symbol of people who are rough, tough & often unsavory characters. Dogs are not born viscious. Dogs are taught to be viscious.

    The many years I worked at the vet. hospital not once did a pit, am. staff, rotweiller ever show up on the top ten (done by the AKC) biters list.

    Without fail the top ten were labs, golden retreivers, spaniels. Why? Because often times those are thought of as family dogs. Families usually have children & children sometimes antagonize a dog and/or the dog is not properly trained & eventually the child is bitten by the family dog.

    Any dog can bite. At the end of the day they are an animal. Animals bite.

    Pit Bulls do not deserve the reputation that they have been given by horiffic owners.

    I ask everyone to research Pit Bulls & know them personally. If you've never been around a pit bull, please do not judge. They are wonderful animals. But of course, as w/ anything ocassionaly there is an exception to the rule.


  14. I assure you they are not naturally agressive.;)
  15. ^^Good to know! I guess I just bought all the media hype around the pit bull ban in Ontario. But like I said none of the pit bulls I have met personally have been aggressive. Thanks for the info!