American Idol

  1. I DVRed it. I've only seen half of it so far. I enjoyed what I've seen so far! I was hoping someone would start a thread. :smile:
  2. Steven Tyler was all pimped out! Purple shirt with a leather vest a matching hat! Loved the clip of what goes through his head when he closes his eyes absorbing the music! :p

    Did it seem like there were a lot more country singers tonight?

  3. I watched. Lot of good talent in Savannah, GA.
  4. Shannon Magrane from my daughters school and an International Thespian Society member: She made it to top 24 :smile: Btw...this hasn't been advertised. We only know because of the kids.

  5. I really liked the last guy - I think his name is Phillip Phillips. I loved his version of Thriller!!
  6. i loved him too! he was probably my favorite.
  7. I'll have to pull up youtube. I didn't watch any of the other singers.
  8. the guy who quit his job to audition (with a wife who is pregnant)...not for nothing but you have a baby on the way and unless you sound like the last guy, you need to get your priorities straight. sorry if that came off harsh.

    loved the last guy, phillip phillips!!!
  9. ^ Agree.
  10. Anyone know where I can watch this show online??? Directv and my local fox station are 'fighting' so fox has been pulled from Directv
  11. Probably more country type singers because of the location bringing mostly people from Georgia, the Carolinas, and the other areas of the South.

  12. I remember when her dad, Joe Magrane, played with the St Louis Cardinals. He was one of my favorite players. Shannon is a pretty girl and I thought her voice was lovely.
  13. No surprise there! She could sing and she's adorable!
  14. I loved him too. He reminded me a little of Taylor Hicks in the way he performs. He will be fun to watch this season.

  15. yes, there was!!