American Idol

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  1. My favs are Taylor, Chris, and Mandisa.

    Who are you rooting for?
  2. Haven't been watching this season :sad:
  3. I like those three you mentioned plus Ace. I am hoping for another performance like 'Father Figure". It is funny, even my husband likes to watch the show with me now.
  4. Defiantly Taylor he is so original. This guy will get a contract regardless of whether he wins or not.
  5. I'm not a big Ace fan. He's cute, but not sure about his singing talent. I like Kelly, Katherine, Chris and Taylor.
  6. I like Chris and Lisa the best.
  7. I'm from NC and gals like Kelly are a dime a dozen. Her singing bores me.

    I love Chris.

    When Ace sang in falsetto, I was like:weird: . I see him being on a show like The O.C. or someting.

    I like Taylor for a local club scene.
  8. So far I have only seen the women perform, and I like Mandisa.

    Anyone know who got booted off last week and this week? I missed the booting off show last week, and both this week :suspiciou
  9. Last week Brenna, Heather, David and Sway got voted off. Don't know about this week though. The episode hasn't aired yet.
  10. I like Mandisa, Paris..i do like "the pickler!" and for the guys I like Chris, Elliot, and Taylor
  11. I think those are the girls whose performances I liked the least, so good :P

    Is it on tonight? Must steal the TV!
  12. Yup. It airs tonight at 8/7 central.
  13. Katherine, Paris, Mandisa, Taylor, Ace, Chris and Elliot. It's going to be tough this year to just choose one!
  14. Katherine, Taylor, Ace, Mandisa. So tough!!!
  15. Mandisa!!