American Idol, who leaves?

  1. Can one of you east coasters PM me and let me know who leaves AI tonight? Thanks. :biggrin:
  2. elliot was booted out...
  3. so is it Katherine left in and who else ? :smile:
  4. Taylor Hicks.

    Sorry to see Elliott go - would have liked to see him fight it out with Katharine.
  5. Taylor rules!!!:cool:
  6. I am still and will always be a Chris fan. The moment he got voted off, I stopped caring as much :hrmm: :cry:
  7. Im with you Megs...I truly believe Chrs will land on his feet...e was great!
  8. I agree!! I was so mad when he got voted off :mad: . But at this point, I've grown to like Taylor the best of those who were left after Chris. He's just so cute! If he wins, I will at least feel ok about the whole thing. If both Chris and Taylor get beaten by Kat I will be very ticked.

    Taylor and Chris:love: