American Idol Season 7...

  1. So Who do you think is going to be in the top 24? After they tell us tomorrow whos the top 24, who do you think is going to win? Yay Predictions, im always good at picking who is going to win :p
  2. I think the one young homeless guy that sings like a brit, the 16 or 17 nice looking guy with the great smile and incredible voice, the girl who just lost her father. Sorry I don't remember any names.
  3. Josiah = the new Sanjaya?
  4. I liked Asia (I think thats her name) She is the one that her dad passed away 3 days before auditions. She has a wonderful voice. WHat did you guys think of that young guy that kept crying?
  5. he's really good!!!
  6. I love the Australian guy that sang Queen. He is a cutie. I also like the rocker chic although all her songs sound the same.
  7. ^ITA!!! I think the austrailian guy sang Bohemian Rhapsody pretty good! ...also the Rocker chic, love her voice. But ya, she does sound the same on all her songs.
  8. soooo true! poor thing last night!
    this night will be a good one!

    love that girl with her 93 year old great grandma remember her?
  9. I think he's talented, but he sure is a complicated, difficult person, I think.
  10. My favorites so far are Asia, Australian guy, and the European girl who didn't make it last season due to her visa.

    I can't stand Josiah, but I think the other 16 yr old was really good.
  11. I cant stand him too.... He reminds me of Britney and her Fake English accent..:yucky:
  12. it was great! now can't wait til next week!
  13. It was really good tonight. I am surprised that Josiah didn't get through. I'm almost thinking something else was going on maybe with his past or something. Of course he wasn't the best singer but what a great human interest thing he had going on. His first song Tues. night was really good. I was worried about his emotional state, and told my husband they may have to put him on some meds or something to get him through a few more weeks. He totally intrigued me and I was hoping to learn more about his situation, like why was he living in his car? I love the underdog story, am I the only one who is sad?
  14. :amazed: he didnt make it?I liked him! I miossed most of it because we went out to dinner so we didnt have to deal with the crowd tomorrow. I like the australian rocker, the european girl, and the girl with the short thick curly hair! i guess i will find out in a second. nooooooooooooo i like kyle! :sad: I agree with simon about him! ( i hope he tries again next year!)
  15. yes joanne made it!!!!!!!!!!! thank goodness, she was way better then cardin!