American Idol Scandal...

  1. American Idol 2007|American Idol 2007 Results|American Idol News and RecapShe made it through the first round of cuts on Thursday's Idol, but Point Pleasant, N.J., native Antonella Barba has another hurdle to overcome. Scandalous photos of the 20-year-old have been leaked on the Web. Though some of them are relatively innocent, others are far more salacious. (Since we're a family publication, we're not posting these photos ourselves – but they're not difficult to find with a quick Google search.).

    Ironically, best friend Amanda Coluccio, who auditioned with Barba and was cut during Hollywood week, tells PEOPLE in its new issue that Barba will "represent New Jersey in a classy way."

    The question is: Could this photo scandal disqualify the doe-eyed college student from the competition a la season 2 finalist Frenchie Davis, who was ousted after topless photos of her emerged on a porn Web site? FOX declined to comment on the matter.
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  2. She isnt that great so either way she will either get voted off or just thrown out..
  3. i don't like her much anyways. she is likely to get voted off soon. not a outstanding voice or anything.
  4. I was thinking the same thing. I think most people liked her personality on the show so that is one of the reasons they were trying to keep her for a little while. I'm glad her friend left, she didn't come across as a nice person.
  5. if she gets by just on looks, that would be upsetting.
  6. i read somewhere that the so-called bj pics were fake [actually, of someone else]... but i've seen other somewhat scandalous pics, but not nearly as bad.

    she can't sing... i had a feeling she'd make it based on looks alone, but i felt so bad for the other girl when it came down to the last two females. i can't remember her name now, but that girl could at least sing!
  7. Interesting. I didn't like her from the beginning..I heard there was some scandal with her but never heard the whole story. Oh well, not a big deal to me.
  8. Who knows which pics are real; she has admitted that some are. Haven't previous contestants been kicked off for this or less? We'll see how AI reacts. I'm watching tonight.
  9. I think Antonella is a weak singer with no technique, sorely lacking in stage presence and interpretive skills (as evidenced by last week's performance) who should not have made it this far along in the competition. Based on her singing alone, she should be sent packing.

    I'm very liberal in my views, so I could not care less about the BJ photos and some of the other photos that have been made public. However, the photos taken at the World War II Memorial are inexcusable. Desecration of a war memorial is, in my opinion, beyond the pale.

    I hope she's off my TV screen, soon.

  10. I totally agree with you about this! I can't believe she did that, it is disrespectful if you ask me.:cursing: :sad: :push: :yucky:
  11. ^^I agree.

    I don't think she had a chance of making it much further in the competition. Maybe this was a publicity stunt?

    On the other hand, there are pictures where she is clearing posing for the camera. I don't know about the oral sex pictures being her or not.

    I guess all of the other contestants and judges are saints and celibate? Well maybe the the lemur guy.
  12. I've seen the pictures...They're not that bad. They were taken for her boyfriend, so it's not like she was sending them around to those lolita or "barely legal" websites.

    And the pictures of her giving h***, you can tell they're not her just by looking at the facial features
  13. If they kicked off Frenchie, I think they should kick her off!
  14. Well, it just wouldn't be American Idol without a scandal, now, would it?

    I'd really like for the person with the best voice to win, but there's a reason that companies choose a whole package, and that is because that's what the public wants.

    Given the choice of an unattractive or just plain-looking individual with a once-in-a-lifetime, give you goose-bumps, make tears stream down your face kind of voice, and a commercially attractive individual with a commercially acceptable voice, the latter will win, and thus the latter will make more money for the company!
  15. Frenchie had to go so shs has to go. I think it is horrible that she posed in front of the WWII memorial. Of all the placed in DC to pose, how 'bout the Cherry blossoms! She is a student at Catholic U. I don't care if her pics were personal and Frenchie was for profit. Frenchie was paying her way through college. Who are we to say that this girl's pics are not for profit.

    She needs to go.