American Idol last night- Possible *Spoiler*

  1. Anyone watch American Idol last night? TALK ABOUT AN ADDICTION!:yes: Someone goes home tonight!
    I think this is a hard one...I really was hoping that Katherine would be fantastic but I don't think she was. I think Chris has a fabulous voice but something about him I don't like, he seems distant. Taylor is so different and fun to watch but I somehow don't see him as THE Idol. I think that Elliot has the best voice but maybe not the whole stage presence thing- he seems like such a nice normal guy though- I like him.
    I have no idea what will happen tonight, but I'm afraid it might be Katherine..:hrmm:
    What do you think?
  2. oh gosh, don't watch this show but i think it's time to have a male winner again....
  3. Yes, I'm hooked! I agree that it may be Katherine that goes. And I really like her voice. Elliott is my favorite but I have a feeling it's going to be between Chris and Taylor at the end.
  4. I think Katherine will go tonight. She didn't impress me last night. I really thought it was going to come down to Chris and Kat at the finale, but it looks like it might be Taylor and Chris or Taylor and Elliott.

    I think Elliott can really sing, but unfortunetly I don't think he'll win.

    It's definetly an interesting season.. so many ups and downs :amuse:
  5. could somebody let me know who goes out tonite please :smile:
    We are not getting it over in the UK at the moment, I love Katherines voice and really want her to do well.
    Keep us updated please :biggrin:
  6. I've watched American Idol every season, and have successfully chosen the winner of every season as soon as they get down to the bottom 10. (I even correctly chose Ruben over Clay!)

    Anyway, here's my take on this year's season, and the remaining four.

    Katherine isn't an American Idol. She has an amazing voice, but should try to become a broadway singer instead. I don't think she's meant for radio, but I do think she'd be great on broadway.

    Chris is going to win, in my humble opinion. Who will be with him in the final two is going to be a VERY close call. I'd love to see it be Elliot, but I think for some reason it's going to be Taylor. I love Elliot to pieces, and hope that he gets some type of career out of this.
  7. I'm thinking that chris D. has the best voice out of all of them right now, but something about him just isn't right...maybe its that he waxes his eyebrows or something, but he really does have a fantastic voice.

    or maybe its when they did the Queen theme and he wore eyeliner, he bugs me is the bottom line lol.

    taylor I can see signing with starbucks and doing a 'favorites' collection because his sound is kind of loungy-coffeehouseish

    catherine is just a vocal mess - she really is all over the place and really pitchy but she's really pretty and has the look for Idol I think.

    as for eliot, I really like him - he is so undercover cute - kind of like an ugly dog starts to look adorable after a
  8. I really like Katherine, but yeah, she didn't do that well last night...:hrmm: I think Chris would be good for radios, but the other two guys are more unique. Tonight is gonna be an very interesting show!
  9. I like Chris and Elliott-although I must admit that I am not as interested in AI this season. Don't know why-maybe I'm getting to the end of my reality tv obsession:shame:

    BTW-what the heck is wrong with Paula-has anyone else noticed how peculiar she has been this season?
  10. I've noticed how peculiar Paula has been acting too!!

    I swear she's either drugged up, or she has Rum and Coke in that Coke cup of hers!
  11. LOL-how true-:P-In one episode she went on a tangent and my hubby and I were saying "what the devil-is she a nut or what"??? Coments had NOTHING to do with performer-just her random thougts:lol:
  12. At this point it is so hard. If you vote solely on their performance last night, then Katherine will go. I think that Elliot is fantastic, but I believe that Chris and Taylor will be the final 2 and Chris winning. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. Elliot was the best last night.
  13. I really hope it's not Katherine that goes home tonight. I love her! Her voice is amazing and she's so gorgeous!
  14. Yeah!! Paula is almost useless this season! (sorry if I offened any Paula fans!) She always comments on how good they look, and how nice they dress this season. Funny...
  15. I didn't like Katherine's second song at all. It was over the top and the first song wasn't too good to me. She's a very good singer though.

    I liked Taylor and Elliot's performances. But it's all up to the votes. No matter what the general consensus thinks, if the fans get too confident and don't vote - it adds up. Their choice goes home.