American Idol Apparel?

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  1. What shirt was Paris wearing on American Idol tonight? It was red with a cute belt.
  2. I just saw it! REALLY cute! Don't know the brand though, but still cute!
  3. Haha. I have my computer on my lap and I check in during the commericals.
  4. she looked adorable with the red top and white heels :P
  5. Minnie - you are so cute and funny! I have my computer strategically positioned so that all I have do is move my eyes to watch TV! Elliott is singing now! LOVE him! "On Broadway.......".
  6. I guess the cute shirt didn't help her win. She is a cutie though and I am sure she will do great regardless because she is yougn and has time. She also has a likeable personality and great voice.
  7. Yep.....cute shirt but didn't help her at all. My goofy husband just came downstairs to ask who was kicked off. I told him and then he asks, "So, do you think Bo Bice will win?". :weird: He's DEAD SERIOUS by the way - and obviously clueless.:wacko:
  8. AHHH. spoiler =(((((

    I loved her shirt too but I didn't want to know who went home yet.