American Horror Story on F/X

  1. I haven't heard a word other than Jessica Lange coming back.
  2. some article i read something like "we won't share where the new location will be but the 'institution' is located on the east coast."

    there's a well known mental institution on the east coat somewhere. it's been featured in a lot of ghost hunter types of shows but i can't think of the name or where it's at. but i'm thinking that's where it will be.
  3. just found this article, which reveals quite a bit

  4. Wow, it sounds awesome, I can't wait!
  5. I hope it's as good as the first season. Thanks for posting the article! Maybe this will help me to like Adam Levine as I currently can't stand him. Jessica Lange and Evan Peters will be great in any role- glad they're back!
  6. Is Taisa Farmiga back? She was wonderful as Violet.
  7. I haven't read one thing mentioning her being back :sad:
  8. I can't wrap my head around Jessica Lange coming back as a different character. I'm just really not convinced about the way they're taking things. I mean it's not really the same show if it's a completely different storyline and completely different actors? I'm skeptical but i guess we'll see..
  9. i think everyone is pretty skeptical. i imagine they chose an insane asylum as the next spot because you can make super duper creepy and scary episodes out of that.
  10. I can't wait!
  11. I think it's cool some of last year's cast is coming back in new roles, it reminds me of a theater troupe whose actors stay the same but put on different plays each season. I'm looking forward to Cromwell too, I hope he plays someone evil!

    The only casting I'm not thrilled about is Adam Levine, maybe he will impress me but I really don't find him hot or interesting.
  12. I totally agree! I hope Cromwell will be a great foil for Jessica Lange, she walked all over the men in Season 1. I would love to see someone play her equal.
  13. Wednesday, August 15th, the new season starts!
  14. More news, Mark Consuelos (husband of Kelly Ripa ) has joined the cast. He will play an inmate at the mental institution, and his name is Spivey.
  15. Oh lordy, more questionable casting choices.....I'm excited it's coming back so soon, though! At least we'll get to see what the heck it's going to be like this season.