American Horror Story on F/X

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    The premiere of this show was just last night on F/X -- is anyone else watching? We'll see whether or not this is the kind of thing that's sustainable over an entire (or even multiple) season, but for now, I'm smitten.

    It's a bit like David Lynch, Alfred Hitchcock, and Dario Argento all rolled into one hour of television.

    It's not scary in quite the same way it would be as a film, but it's quite creepy, the acting is wonderful, and the cinematography and score are really interesting.

    I'll certainly be tuning in to see how this show progresses.
  2. I liked it. I'm still a bit unsure of who's seeing what and who's who.
  3. I checked it out last night and I really liked it. The cinematography was interesting, at times the camera would just pan in and out for no reason and I found that interesting. Some of the characters are interesting also, like the maid, why is the guy seeing her as a young lady and the lady across the street, why did she say she already killed her before. I will continue to watch.
  4. I watched it and was entertained enough to watch again. It comes on afters Sons of Anarchy anyways. LOL...

    Any ideas of who was in the Gimp suit?
  5. I loved that! Particularly when it was happening in the later scene with McDermott and his patient. Super interesting.


  6. That's my question -- how can this be sustained for more than a season? So many things going on, my head is still spinning!
  7. The DH thought that it would be cool if season after season there was a rotating cast. So you'd have some members that stayed the same - the crazy neighbor + her daughter, for instance - but a new family that moves in.

    Speaking of the crazy neighbor, Jessica Lange is positively wonderful in this!
  8. I could see with the rotating cast but with the cast they have now, things are moving pretty fast, wife had sex with unknown man and next scene she is pregnant. If the writers keep the plot interesting, I could see them keeping the original cast and maybe if they do back stories of the previous owners and cast and tie it all in, maybe.
  9. I recorded it last night and I can't wait to watch it.
  10. I really liked it. It's done by the same guys as Nip/Tuck, right? I mean, Nip/Tuck got REALLY out there in the end, so I think this genre will give the producers a endless supply of nutty story lines.

    Gimp suit? Maybe the boy. I don't think it's the guy with cancer, otherwise he'd be my choice.
  11. I was thinking the house would eventually overcome them? Maybe they would allow themselves to be a part of the house in a way?
  12. I didn't even think about that as a possibility, but that's a good guess. I sort of assumed it was the ghost of someone or something. But I like that there are so many possibilities!!

    There's a lot of good television on right now, but this show excites me more than some other things, because it's so different.

  13. I wouldn't have assumed it was the boy, but that end shot of him in cahoots with the maid and neighbor, makes him suspect. I really think all the actors are great, nicely matched up. I'm excited about this show and I have hope that it'll be my new favorite. Reality t.v. is fun for an episode or two, but it's falling flat as of late.
  14. Ahhhh! I can't wait to watch this - I have it at home on my DVR. Reading all your posts just proves it will be interesting. :smile:
  15. I have to watch this, but I read this on another message board:
    I read an interview where he said a lot of the mysteries from the first episode would be revealed in the first few episodes, so you're not waiting an entire season...then comes more weird ****!

    He= Ryan Murphy