American Gothic

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  1. Did anybody watch this new summer series? I watched too late and fell asleep a few times. Will try to rewatch tonight. I did love seeing Jimmy/Steve from Shameless.
  2. I watched it! They have done a good job of setting up lots of characters who "could be" the silver bell serial killer. I was bored a few times during the show but I might tune back in!
  3. I liked the first episode and am interested to see what happens!
  4. Me too. Was disappointed the dad (can't remember his name) was already killed off. Loved him on Law and Order Criminal Intent!
    I will give it another week though.
  5. Yeah I remember I started watching brothers and sisters because it had Tom Skeritt in it and he was killed off in the first episode. I will watch another week or two.
  6. The part with the little boy and the cat bothers me so much don't know if I can watch again.
  7. I know, me too! I'm gonna try one more show. If there's animal torture that will be it.