American Gladiators

  1. :tup: OMG This was so awesome. I used to love this show when I was little and got so excited when I heard it was coming back. I was not disappointed! How did everyone else like it?!?!
  2. Dr. Venus Ramos has a rocking body...I want to look that toned!
    I smell Joel McHale spoofing her record finish on talk soup.
  3. She was totally my fav too..she pretty much layed down to win the race haha...He might get her..but I love him too!! ..oh and Hulk..I'm pretty sure he said brother like 10 times in 1 minute
  4. not saying that i'm in tip top shape, or in any shape for that matter....but shouldn't the competitors be a little more in shape than that? lol.
  5. Boo!! I missed it! I totally forgot and when i looked at the time when i rememberd it was already over :sad: maybe they will show it online? haha I like when they put the episodes i missed online, like gossip girl(missed the show on wed and watched today) :p
  6. There's is supposed to be another episode on tonight at 8, I think.
  7. oh no, I havent even seen it yet!!

    I remeber growing up as a kid I always wanted to be on that show. glad its come back.
  8. DH wanted to watch a little of this and I got sucked into watching most of it with him, after The Amazing Race was over of course. I actually was pretty entertained by it!
  9. My SO and I got a kick out of watching it last's on tonight as well...great show..brings back memories of watching it when I was younger.
  10. Well, I was surprised too, but you'll also notice that stamina is required as well. If you compare Jeff who had come back after 14 years vs the small Asian guy, size is not necessarily pertinent since the score was pretty close and the Little guy won :tup: Same with the Firefighter vs the SoCal skater. The skater was bigger and more muscular, but did not win.

    Yes, Mondays are the normal scheduled night :yes:

    Me too, even though I couldnt even remember any of the Original Gladiator's names! Lovin it!! :yahoo:
  11. Loved this show as a kid and still loved every moment of it last night can't wait for the tonight show
  12. DH was cheering when the event with the balls and hiding and ducking to miss the balls.
    He remembers that event and went crazy.
  13. ^^ Ya! That event is my Old Time favorite!
  14. Haha me and DH were so waiting for that one lol I've got to hand it to those people. The gladiators were so frickin' scary looking. I asked DH if he would be afraid of them..he said heck yeah I'd be afraid of the girls haha
  15. ^ Helga scares me...