American Girls Dolls for little ones?

  1. Hi! I want to get my 4 and 1 1/2 year old an American Girls doll, but I don't know if I should get the Bitty Babies or the Bitty twins- toddler like dolls.

    Please advise!

  2. I got my daughter a Bitty Twin that looks just like her!

    I didn't like the Bitty Babies at all. They looked like normal dolls to me. I wasn't going to pay that price for just a normal looking baby doll!

    The Bitty Twins are adorable!
  3. I don't have kids but my BF's daughter is 3 and I was thinking about getting her an American girl doll. I am not sure if she is old enough and should go with the other ones. Curious as to what you ladies think also. Good thread.
  4. I've never heard of the bitty twins :confused1: I got my American Girl doll years ago when they were first popular and I just got "Molly" :smile:
  5. They are newer. They weren't around when my parents were buying me the dolls either.

    They are geared toward toddlers.
  6. Thanks so much! I was going to get each one a doll that resembled each of them. Good point on the Bitty Babies.

    One of my friends suggested waiting on the characters until they are older b/c then we can do all thebooks and whatnot. i just want to get them a high quality doll. It;s actually hard to find 'decent' dolls!

  7. We have two that love American girl...B is 12 now...has had AG since around the age of 6. I started with a big doll. She has three now and is in her last year of playing with them. She would not admit to it to friends probably. J is 7, has had Bitty since she turned three Bday. She loves loves loves Bitty Baby and will not give her up for anything...she has already done the Barbie and Bratz phase, but Bitty she is never tired of.
  8. Last year for Christmas, my daughter was almost 2, and I got her the bitty baby. Honestly, she prefers her cabbage patch kids. If you feel like you HAVE to get her an American Girl doll (which I did because we were in NYC and I wanted to get one from there), I'd not get too elaborate, because more than likely she will have no clue of its significance.
  9. I bought my DD the bitty baby that looks like her and the american girl doll that I think she will look like (I put that one away for later) I also bought her a Corelle doll. They have one that is meant for 0+ months. So she has a doll for now, a doll for toddler age and one for older. She loves them already. Her eyes light up and she kisses them LOL
  10. I was past the age for a Bitty Baby when they were first introduced but my friend's younger sister got one and I remember her absolutely loving it. The clothes, sets, and accessories really are a lot of fun.

    I got my first American Girl doll when I was about 6 or 7 and I think it was the perfect age because I was able to appreciate the collection. I started out with Samantha and I still remember being so excited each time I got a new Samantha book to read! I definitely recommend waiting a few years for the big American Girl dolls but I think the Bitty Babies are good for your situation since you are looking for a high quality doll. (I'm not familiar with the Bitty twins, but they sound adorable!)
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    I love bitty baby, she is very cute :smile: I have pics somewhere on this sub forum, I will see if I can find them. They are very high quality. I got a used one for Emily, since I knew she would be banging around for awhile and 2 other ones for later.

    If you want a doll with hair and she likes babies go with the bitty twins, but they only come in sets.

    If you think she would rather have a 'friend' instead of a baby go with one of the 18" dolls, even though the recommended age is 8, she will probably love it :smile:

    Have fun choosing, I love AG!


    Here is 'Billy' and 'Betsy' and their 'room' (Emily's closet)






  12. ^^^ thanks! i have decided on the bitty babies for the girls. can you come to my house and organize my closets? please? :smile:
  13. I love the Bitty Baby. My oldest never liked dolls with hair, and still doesn't. The Bitty Baby was perfect for her. Now my youngest just loves her too and there is constantly a fight going on! I think I may get a Bitty Baby for my youngest one for Christmas.

    I think you made a great choice with the Bitty Babies!
  14. Tink, when I was looking at the Bitty Babies in the store, I didn't like them. But your pics made me change my mind! I think I'll get my daughter one.

    Also, the Bitty Twins do not only come in sets. I got just one for my daughter. You just have to tell a salesperson you only want one.
  15. Wow, you got extremely lucky. They are not suppose to do that. Online will not give you the option and in the store it's suppose to be the same. There are a lot of sellers on eBay, who take advantage of that...they buy sets and split them and sell them at a mark up.