American girl w/1st Mulberry

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  1. Hi everyone... it's my first time in here... I'm a Chanel girl but went with Mulberry Medium Lily as my classic flap substitute. I got her brand new with everything included --- she even has the clear stickers attached everywhere, but for half price from a trusted reseller... very happy to bring her into the family. She's black grained leather... a bit heavy though! Thanks for letting me share, and apologies for the bad pics IMG_3835.JPG
  2. Yay for you! It's fun for us American girls to own such an iconic brand such as Mulberry, isn't it? I love your Lily, am surprised to hear you say she's heavy though because I don't think I've heard anyone say that about the Lily before. Of course I've never seen one in person, much less held one so I have no idea. My Bayswater is somewhat heavy but I don't care because she's so beautiful!

    Enjoy your lovely bag.:loveeyes:
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  3. Beautiful lily, welcome to the mulberry family!
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  4. Another American gal here and I love Mulberry!!! I have heard the Bay's can get heavy and the only one I own is actually not in leather. So it's not heavy to me mi imagine the leather ones would be. I have 2 bays clutches and I love love love them. Next on my Mulbery list is a large sized lily. Or whatever the largest size of the lily is. Congrats I think she's beautiful. Wear her in good health. Post some pics with an outfit please! Mod shots!
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  5. I need to ask. How do you like the Lily compared to your C?

    I am curious to know your thoughts.
  6. Congrats!
    Perfect for 4 July celebrations.;)

    I own regular lily & chanel 2.55 reissue.
    Both are great to have & serve different purposes, imo.
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  7. Gorgeous!
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  8. Major congratz! Lucky you snatching a new Lily at half price! Enjoy!
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  9. they are just very different. tbh the Chanel is superior quality all around, from the leather and craftsmanship to hardware - you can see how it will be around 30+ years later. It has a defined, structured shape and the Lily will sag and get misshapen, you can just see that happening b/c the leather is unsupported. The CF is not practical for using each day... very small inside (until you buy the jumbo size) and it can be a bit embarrassing to carry sometimes as it doesn't 'go' everywhere, it can stand out terribly. The Lily will bring no embarrassment factor, it just looks smart and sophisticated, classy without being obnoxious about it. I think the Lily is a much better value. The Lily is heavier than the CF to carry.. I’m thinking the solid loops on the top are adding weight and although the chain is thinner it's longer, so there is more chain length/weight. I like them both a lot, for different purposes.. but if I was advising a gal which to purchase first? her money is better spent on the Lily... it might not be a forever bag like Chanel, but she'd likely use it more often.. far more practical while still being super sophisticated. I liked the Medium Lily bc it can crossbody if needed and CFs can't for most women. I’ll be using her all this week so I’ll take some action shots!:smile:
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  10. thank you all so much :smile: i'm very happy to join... she's just beautiful

    and yes, she was 650US brand new on Yoogi's, a great reseller here in the US.. not sure if they ship everywhere, but worth a look for great deals on Mulberry ad other lux brands
  11. It's gorgeous! Welcome to the Mulberry club! :flowers:
  12. Welcome as such a beauty ....... Reminder to myself......I must get a Lily!!
  13. i'm just over the moon about this bag... i can't fathom how anyone could not own one! i feel so sophisticated and happy :smile: i'm 5'10 and thin, and the size of the medium just suits me so well... lovely bathroom pic attached! i'm keeping the clear plastic on the outside plate so it won't get scratched
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  14. It's gorgeous!
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  15. Congratulations! A great introduction piece, welcome to the Mulberry forum :tup:
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