American Gangster

  1. My boyfriend and I went to see American Gangster. We have been waiting for it to come out and I'm so glad it finally did.

    Two tumbs way up! :tup::tup:

    I love gangster movies and Denzel does a great job!! Go see this movie!
  2. OMG!! I wanted to see it so bad this weekend, but I have my fundamentals exam on Monday. I can't wait to see Denzel, even as a gangster I love him!!
  3. This is the best movie I've seen in a very long time! Very unpredictable!
  4. denzel is amazing in this movie. But for those who want to take teens/pre-teens with you...I would not recommend it. It's rated-R and they really use the rating with some strong violence, language, and slight nudity.

    But personally I hope denzel gets a nomination for this movie when oscars comes around because he was amazing...even when he wasn't talking..he was great.
  5. Thanks for the review, SO and I will probably see it sometime this week. Hes DYING to see the movie, and Im DYING to see Denzel:roflmfao:
  6. For some reason, the movie just didn't draw my attention, so I did some work on my laptop instead, but my fiance and future MIL liked it.
  7. I thought it was OK...I love Denzel and he did a great job as usual.
  8. Both actors were amazing. They did a great job.
  9. It was a good movie. I think he will get an Oscar nod. Russel was great also.
  10. This is the new SCARFACE. It is THAT good. I loved it so much I'm watching it again this weekend. No doubt whatsoever.
  11. I couldn't wait for this movie to come out. Very excited to see it... hopefully this weekend!
  12. Me either. I thought it was okay. I don't think it was nearly as good as Scarface. It was more like New Jack City to me.
  13. I LOVED IT! Denzel is truly an amazing actor. I was actually rooting for the drug dealer/ killer! Russel was was great too. His role originally was going to be played by Benecio del Toro (sp)
  14. I liked the movie overall, but was a teeny bit disappointed. Denzel and Russel, as always, did excellent jobs.
  15. i haven't seen it yet but i know i will catch it soon.