American Football in England???

  1. The Dolphins and Giants "head off" in England with a phenomenal fan outcome, a sold out crowd actually. Hummmm is it the party atmosphere? Or do the Brits really understand the game and hunger for it????????:upsidedown:
  2. My DH said that the NFL will have these American footbal games in England once a season over the next several years. He mentioned something about the NFL might want to expand and have a franchise in England at some point.
  3. The crowd on Fox News looked pretty revved up and excited about A.F. It'll be cool if the sport takes off over there.

    Now to get European Football off the ground in America??? That is the question. Odd isn't it?

    And as a woman I can care less about either!!!!!!!!!
  4. My hubby and my 15 year old son are totally into American Football. They couldn't get tickets for this one though, they were like gold dust. We are going on holiday to Las Vegas next month and they will be flying to Pheonix for a day to watch a game. We also subscribe to NBSN?? or something like that so that they can watch the American Football over here.

    There are a lot of Brits that like the game. I can just about cope with the rules of Soccer myself!