American Express...anyone?

  1. Does anyone use AE Rewards to accumulate points to use at Saks Fifth Ave towards LV purchases?

    Just wondering! :yes:
  2. Not AE points, but I have a cash rewards Visa and all those rewards go toward the purse fund of the moment :smile: If someone is going to pay me to shop, then I should at least use it towards more shopping (makes sense in my head) . . .
  3. I use my costco card to purchase everything and accumulate awards then pay it off.... Costco card is American express rewards btw.
  4. I have an Amex, but I did not know about using points towards LV at Saks, can you provide me with some more details as I am very excited about this! You can post of PM me which ever you are more comfortable with. TIA
  5. Yup, we get actual LV $$ now too & with the concierge service [sometimes not that great] you can have them track down LE bags for you.
  6. earn points and redeem AE points for Saks Fifth Ave gift cards..then use them for purchases at LV counters in Saks...HTH! :tup:

  7. concierge service... :roflmfao:

  8. have you tried redeeming a saks fifth ave GC? that is..if u live near a saks with a LV counter.

  9. I can't believe that I am about to say this...... I am going to cheat on my LV collection, but hear me out!....

    I am going to use my amex points for a Saks gift card, and I am going to buy the big Gucci hobo bag.

    Now, there is not a Saks near me with an LV:tdown: But there is no way that I can pay $1300 for a bag that is NOT a "Louie" This is how I will justify my purchase... I will use my 50,000 points from the amex for a $500 gc, and then I have $450 cash back bonus from Discover that I will redeem. I can spend a few hundred on another designer, right? THAT IS HOW I WILL JUSTIFY MY CHEATING ON MY LV'S....:yes:

  10. amex blue allows you to redeem it for saks gift cards and there's no annual fees :tup:
  11. :yes:

    this is what i have.

  12. me too! i love it!
  13. I haven't heard about that one. Do tell. :tup:
    I do know about the NM and Saks GC though.
  14. Man I wish I had blue. Platinum you have to pay off every month. :tdown: I didn't know blue allowed gift cards to nm through incircle.