American Colony / Hutterites

  1. Depends on why they chose each other. He might have liked her because he thought she would be a good wife and mother.
  2. Bertha's feelings were hurt when she saw the china in that box.
  3. Anyone else noticed that everyone that likes this show, seems to comment in very short bursts? LOL
  4. I liked her elegant solution though. To sell the china and split the money.

    I wonder how much of Claudia's rebelliousness is real and how much is put on to help create drama so people will keep watching the show.
  5. when the money boss's wife came in to check on him and bring him a snack she should have took him and had her way with him in that big empty building :yes:
  6. r kelly bump in grind song just came to mind
  7. Are we watching the same show? I don't think we are.
  8. Claudia is going to give Bertha a heart attack, with her wanting to go off to college!
  9. Agree.