American Chinese movie

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  1. Can someone help me I'm looking for a movie .. its an American Chinese movie i thought it was called ... Eat drink man woman .. b/c it kinda looked like the same actors was i wrong it's the same kinda idea ... it's about a group of woman and they take about there life .. marriage.. kids ... growing up. Coming to America .. i think from what i remember they where all their for a wedding .. i saw it on lifetime movie network ... it's in English.. also the only big thing i can remember is that ... the one lady talks about being married off and praying that it was a kid so she won't have to have sex .. she was lucky b.c it was a child but he made her sleep on the floor the .. mother in law was very mean .. but she ran- away and came to America .. I'm sorry i don't remember anymore If someone can help me out!!!
  2. i found the title The Joy Luck Club
  3. Are you sure? Eat, Drink Man Woman and Joy Luck Club are very different movies, it sounds like the one you describe is indeed Eat Drink Man Woman.

    You should watch them both, they are both great!