AMERICAN bombshells Carmen Electra Music Video awards in Sydney

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  1. AMERICAN bombshells Carmen Electra and Anna Nicole Smith stole the show last night at the inaugural Australia MTV Music Video awards in Sydney. Former Playmate Anna Nicole sexed up proceedings by undoing her dress on stage to reveal her generous chest emblazoned with two MTV logos. (Carmen Electra) Ok for fun said about Carmen Electra:" First of all, I'd take the word "Aerobic" out of it. It was the words "Carmen" and "Striptease" that sucked me in, but it was a very nice review! " By Tapekia said about Carmen Electra :" Hey where did you get it? and how much was it? I have been looking all over my download clients for it but I only can find the introduction ( Please Help Me! I would be much greatful, also maybe if you have aan FTP or use a downloading client we could swap some thing ) well thank you very much!" Do you love Carmen Electra after read the comment?
  2. If this is from 2006 it was back in April. . . .

    have no idea what this thread is about though{?}
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