American based... but not American catered?

  1. I was just thinking after seeing the purple Carly thread, seeing limited edition bags on the Japan site and noticing that the Japan site seems to feature the newest Coach items first, why does Coach cater to Asia and not America even though they have American roots.

    I understand marketing tactics, supply and demand and the fact that Coach is probably trying to grow their brand in Asia, those are all valid reasons. But I find that it is unfortunate that those products sold in Asia are not easily available for the buyers in America. Does anyone agree with me? Maybe I am wrong and that it is very easy to purchase those limited edition bags and wallets here. But from what I read on the threads the only way to get those items is to call JAX. It would be ideal if those products were available in the stores.

    I am just venting a bit. But I completely understand that Coach is a company that wants to make money and if doing business this way works then good for them.
  2. I agree with you i think all stores countries etc should sell the same stuff so there isnt any confusion. Its like a tease or something I don't get it.
  3. so is the purple carly real then?
  4. I understand your frustration, but you have to consider the business point of view too.

    Japan is a really fashion forward country. A lot of designer brands release items there that wouldn't be found here. The Japanese also get charged a lot more than we do for similar items because companies know they will pay a premium to have the latest and greatest.

    Can you say the same thing about the US? Probably in some major cities but not everywhere. That is why Coach has a legacy collection and boutique to cater to that demographic. In other places, Coach is seen as affordable luxury. The legacy line and LE pieces aren't found everywhere, because they would not sell as rapidly in all locations and from a business point of view it makes more sense to keep products that will sell fast in stock, than products that will just take up space. The latter wouldn't be very cost effective.

    Hopefully, the US will get some awesome colors too and keep in mind the US also gets bags that the Japanese don't get. Each country's consumer is different and Coach builds a collection to suit each target demographic, KWIM?

    BTW I am not trying to ruffle any feathers, but just give a business's point of view! I hope that helps you understand why things are not the same everywhere. :yes:
  5. I can understand why certain bags are marketed overseas and not here & vice versa. My only issue would be with something like that khaki/purple Carly. They already know that Carly is huge seller in the US so why not at least give us the option to order it even if it doesn't hit the stores? I think in any color that bag would be a success here.

    Otherwise it makes sense to me :yes:
  6. You should see some of the options american car companies offer over seas and not to us - and vice versa what the japanese auto makers make for for the rest of the world and not for the US.
  7. I think Coach may "cater" to Japan sometimes, but the overall look and feel of Coach is purely American. If that makes sense.
  8. socaltrojan, you are absolutely right!
    It's true, people in Japan love to pay a lot for the newest thing and
    I suppose, too, that's why Coach has such a marketing strategy.
  9. Sure it's real...:yes:
  10. No feathers ruffled, but I did give it a business point of veiw see my orig. posting :okay:.

    And renie I didn't even think about the whole automobile situation! Very good point!

    But like I said...Coach is a company that wants to build their brand and make a profit. It would be nice to have all limited editions easily available, if they are not sold out already :push:!

    And I don't have any idea how the other handbag brands to their business either, I am sure that they offer certain bags to different countries.
  11. I do think the purple would sell well here though!
  12. I can totally see your point! I did notice that the Japan site carried a LOT of crossbody bags because those are what really work for them (they utilize a LOT of public transportation there so it's convenient to keep your hands free, etc). I also noticed that the Japan site didn't carry the Carly probably because that's not what's popular with them, whereas it's quite popular in the U.S. Since I'm part Japanese (and Chinese) and just recently came back from visiting Taiwan (which has the similar population "congestion" as Japan), I'm glad I didn't bring my Carly to Taiwan - instead, I brought my crossbody Duffle so my hands were free when traveling by train, bus, and taxi's. EVERYONE in Taiwan used crossbody bags (women and men) - a few did use backpacks but not as many. I also noticed that the Japan site had many more Slim Envelope Wallets vs. Checkbook Wallets in the U.S. because I don't think the Japanese use checks. But I personally would love to have more Slim Envelope options here in the U.S. since I carry my checks separately from the rest of my stuff. Anyhow, there are definite differences catered to the demographic "needs" as well as good "business" decisions on Coach's part.
  13. Maybe they're just trying out products over there first to see how they go? :smile:
  14. i think japan is a much more fashion-fwd market (dont u just love their style!?) whereas in north america, we r a bit more conservative in taste so different things will b more popular in each demographic. i notice more smaller, xbosy bags in japan whereas carly in most popular in US and Canada.
  15. "It would be nice to have all limited editions easily available, if they are not sold out already :push:!"

    But if it were easily available it wouldn't be Limited Edition. Isn't that part of the appeal of the LE, that it's a little more unique and not as common?

    Interesting thread, btw.:yes: