American Apparel

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  1. Any codes for American Apparel?
  2. i second this!! i want leggings badly
  3. Check eBay. You can find lots of styles there sold by authorized AA resellers on eBay.
  4. u461-ff13526 - 15% off
    Mikecship - Free shipping

    Depending on how much your item(s) are, the free shipping can actually save you more.
  5. oooh dang. I got a circle scarf a few weeks back, wish i would have seen this! :smile:
  6. yes!! i got the 15 off!
  7. thanks so much :smile:
  8. I second this suggestion. Obtaining a wholesale account with American Apparel is relatively easy, so there are many authentic American Apparel Items on ebay. Given the number of AA sellers on ebay, the prices are very competitive. I've seen the wholesale price list for AA, since a good friend of mine has an account with them, and many ebay sellers charge only a couple of dollars above wholesale.

    The down side is that not all styles and colors are available for wholesale. Otherwise, ebay seems like a pretty good deal:yes:
  9. estherriver, would you care to share with us a few reputable AA resellers on eBay? If you can't announce it on the forum, I would really appreciate it if you could PM a few sellers =]
  10. ^^
    That's a great question. Frankly, since I only order my AA clothing through my wholesale friend, I'm not sure which vendors I would choose to work with on ebay. My best suggestion is the obvious one of perusing feedback. I'm sorry that I can't offer something more substantial here.
  11. there are actually some REALLY good deals on

    They usually sell them for wholesale prices.. like $8 a t-shirt
  12. has a lot of the basic AA stuff (leggings, t-shirts, hoodies) for super cheap... like $5-6 for a t-shirt, and if you order more than 12 items the price per item goes down even more. You have to click the link towards the bottom of the page that says "sign in for wholesale prices" to see the discount.
  13. Tuffy McPuggles is a GREAT ebay seller for AA. The prices are really cheap, they have a wide variety, and they ship really fast.
  14. Their prices don't seem THAT good. A particular sweatshirt is $31.90 plus $8 shipping comes to $38 and the sweatshirt sells for $45 in the store. It doesn't appear that wholesale, at least on the sweatshirts, is much of a deal.
  15. so i went to and tried to register to see the wholesale prices, and i got "we see that you've registered before!" when in fact i've never been... whatever, as long as i get cheap tees. :rolleyes: