american apparel

  1. I ordered the tri-blend unisex V-neck shirt from that site and I'm very happy about the cut and fabric of it. It's one of their most succesfull pieces.

    Now I'm planning to order some more pieces. I'm looking at the shirts and some dresses. Anyone who has some experience with the brand?

    - What are your favourite pieces/colours?
    - What do you think about the sizing?
    - Any bad experiences?

    Don't hesitate to post pics when you have them :smile:
  2. Ooohhh I love American Apparel !!!
    The wrap dress is great, the pillow case dress too, tank tops, dress you can wear in different ways, body suit, lamé stuff....all great.
    My favorite colors are raspberry, neon yellow, and blue
    The sizing can run true on some pieces but most run small....So I take 1 size up compared to my usual size. Only the pillow case dress was my true size.
  3. more than the clothes, i love the business philosophy. they pay their workers $12 an hour, plus benefits! i really appreciate the fact that the stuff really is made in california, not like other brands who just simply put the finishing touches on a product and claim that it was "made in the USA"
  4. I also need to go up a size with AA. I like that it's made in the USA. I tend to toss their cotton stuff out after a seasons worth of washes though. I find it loses it shape pretty quickly. I don't know if being gentler on them (like hand washing instead of machine washing/drying) would help.

    I don't know if they still have this problem but several years ago they were always running out of stock. People I know in industries that used them as a supplier were always upset.
  5. I have their polo dress and absolutely love it. It's a steal in price compared the one that Banana had earlier this spring. I did buy it 2 sizes up and shrank it in the dryer to fit my better. I bought one in black and one in navy. I've worn the black a few times and found that it stretches over time with wearings and washings. I have yet to wear the navy one which seems to be a little tighter fitting since I haven't worn or washed it as much.
  6. didn't know that, that's a nice extra
    are you talking about this wrap dress? it looks so nice! Which colour would you suggest? How's the fit? I'm a S but have very long legs, I'm very tall...
  8. I love AA!! I have the top you have just bought, wear it all the time!!
  9. now i must go to aa! luckily there is an aa by where i live so i am going to have to check it out this weekend
  10. I've been curious about their quality? I've been thinking about getting some of their hoodies but from a couple of reviews on the site I read that some of them fall apart after a year or lose shape. Although some mentioned they wear them daily or frequently. So I don't know? I guess I may just have to order one and try it out.

    Does anyone have any of their hoodies/sweatshirts?
  11. I used to have several hoodies. My DH used to use them for his business and I used to get all the surplus. If you wash them in the washer and dryer like I do they get rough lose their shape. I used to throw most away after a few months. The exception are the cotton shorts. I still have those. IMO I prefer Old Navy and Ann Taylor Loft hoodies/tees.
  12. Thanks Zoey for the post. I'll pass on the hoodies then it doesn't sound like it is worth the money.
  13. I used to wear AA t-shirts in the Classic Girl style, but have started buying mostly Standard American (unisex) because the shirts are much longer. I had problems with the Classic Girl t-shirts shrinking in length.

    I really like the velour long sleeve raglan and the velour track jacket. They look really good paired with jeans and are really soft and comfy.
  14. Now that you mention that I remember most of my tops shrank in length too.
  15. I didn't mean to say they aren't OK or that there's anything wrong with them. They are just basic cotton hoodies and I don't think fit or wear is any better for them as other, cheaper brands like Old Navy or Target. Now that I don't get them for wholesale I don't bother with them anymore.