American Apparel nail polish

I bought one in a grey shade just because I had an AA Groupon and needed to spend 6 more dollars. Cute color, but wouldn't pay $6 for it under normal circumstances.
I just put one on last night, will report back on wear! So far so good :smile:

Disaster removal! The color was Malibu Green and I looked like the hulk when I was done removing it. It was like I moved it from my nails to my fingers. Very bad staining on my fingers----NOT nails. I had to use a loofah, whitening toothpaste and a buffer block to get it off. :cursing:
Just bought their Neon Yellow one for $6...don't waste your money. Spend the extra $4 for an OPI seriously this is nail polish has the worst application, very thick, dries so slow, runny, I cant even begin to describe how horrible this is. But I bought it because I don't know where else to find a neon yellow :/
With the exception of Office (of course, the bottle on Office just broke) & Makeup, the others I've tried (especially Peacock!) are really goopy, heavy and take forever to dry.

Peacock also stained my nails really bed; even with basecoat.

I'm on a computer for school, work and internship, so I'm lucky if my polish lasts 48 hours without some tip wear/minor chipping. None of AA's last better or worse than any other decent-quality brand I've tried.